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photo of roger benzemaHi there, and thanks for visiting Best Plazma Cutter!

My name is Roger Benzema. I created this website because I’m a huge plasma cutter enthusiast, and I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with the world 🙂

I started using plasma cutters at the age of 15 in my Dad’s backyard. I would create lots of home projects (and lots of mess!) using any materials I could find lying around. Knowing from an early age that I was creative and liked using my hands, I quickly moved into a career of construction and welding, where I was able to practice making things every day. Over the years I developed and refined my skills, and now welding, plasma cutting, and general construction are second nature to me.

In this website I review the best plasma cutters available for purchase. I go through different brands, models and price points so that everyone who visits the site can find the perfect plasma cutter for them. I take every measure possible to ensure that the information in my reviews is up to date and accurate. I also have a team of expert writers who help me out from time to time, but every article is run by me before being published to check it’s quality and accuracy.

I really hope you enjoy reading the articles on my site. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on the contact page. Even if you just want to say hi or share your experiences working with plasma cutters, I’d love to hear from you!

Best, Roger.


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