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9 Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100

Welcome to my review of the 9 best budget welding helmets under $100! I will go through the pros and cons of my top 9 models first, and then run through some things to look out for when purchasing a welding helmet in my buyers guide towards the end of this article. Let’s get started!

The Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100 Are:

Image Product Details    
cordlessblower YesWelder Helmet LYG-M800H – Easy cushion adjustment
– Real color view reduces eye strain
– Fast response time
– Made of strong PP/PA thermoplastic material
Check Price
cordlessblower Dekopro Welding Helmet

(Most Affordable)
– UV/IR protection
– Long-lasting battery
– Fast auto-detect
Check Price
cordlessblower YesWelder Large Viewing Welding Helmet LYG-Q800D

(Highly Versatile)
– Side view
– No green glare
– Long lasting battery

Check Price
cordlessblower YesWelder Solar Powered Welding Helmet LYG-L500A

(No Frills)
– Clear colors + anti green tint
– Minimum auto darken response time
– Durable
Check Price
cordlessblower Antra Wide Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

(Best Value for Money)
– Easy operation
– Crystal clear lens
– Unique interference suppression technology reduces incorrect shuttering
Check Price
cordlessblower Monster and Master Large View Welding Helmet – Anti-interference feature for surrounding light
– Multipurpose functionality
– Large viewing screen
Check Price
lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter Tanox Digital Control Welding Helmet – Multi-purpose
– Different modes for cutting, welding and grinding
– Comes with welding gloves and a spare screen
Check Price
Tooliom Welding Helmet – Low battery indicator
– Multiple modes
– Fastest switching time
Check Price
Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Welding Helmet

(Highest Rated)
– Lightweight
– Solar-powered
– 7 to 13 shade options
Check Price

For beginners, I’d recommend the Dekopro or the YesWelder LYG-L500A, as these are the most affordable and simple helmets available, enabling you to get started with a minimal upfront investment.

The helmet that has the most features and highest quality for the money in my opinion is the Antra Welding Helmet, making it the best value of the list. A close second to this is the YesWelder LYG-Q800D, which also has a number of high-tech features, however it’s a bit more expensive.

The best overall helmet in this article is the Lincoln Electric – It’s highly durable, easy to use, isn’t too bulky to wear, and has all the features you need to keep you safe while working on your projects. It’s a bit more expensive than most of the other helmets reviewed in this article, but still comes in at under $100 – if you’re happy to invest a little bit more, this is the one I would recommend.

With that said, you can’t go wrong with any of the helmets in this article. So now let’s get into the detailed reviews and pros and cons of each!

Reviews Of The 9 Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100

Let’s get right into it! Here are my detailed reviews of the top 9 best budget welding helmets available today.

YesWelder Welder Mask Helmet LYG-M800H

yeswelder LYG-M800H welding helmet
Check Price Here

The first welding helmet that I have on the list is the YESWELDER model LYG-M800H.

It comes with a large 3.93″x 3.66″ viewing screen equipped with four premium sensors, which detects the light coming from your welding arc to automatically shade the lens.

This helmet is an excellent choice for TIG, MIG, MMA, and plasma applications.

This helmet also comes with impressive true color technology, which reduces the lime green tint usually seen on most helmet screens. This not only makes colors more realistic when looking through the screen, but also improves visibility and reduces eye strain, allowing you to weld more accurately and for longer periods of time.

The lithium ion battery of the helmet is replaceable and has a decent life of about 3000 hours. I like that this helmet also comes with an extra battery to keep handy just in case.

Finally, the helmet is lined with a large cushion that provides extra comfort. It is easily adjustable with multiple options, so you can find the perfect fit and wear your helmet for a long time without aches and pains.


  • Easy cushion adjustment
  • Real color view reduces eye strain
  • Fast response time
  • Made of strong PP/PA thermoplastic material
  • Increased battery life ~3000hrs


  • No side view
  • Made more for a hobby person not a professional
  • Unlikeable headband for some

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

Most Affordable Welding Helmet!

dekopro budget welding helmet
Check Price Here

The next high-performance and cost-effective welding helmet is the Dekopro welding helmet.

It has a wide 7 square inch viewing area for easy welding. It supports MMA, MIG, MAG/CO2, TIG, and plasma welding. You can also use it during plasma cutting and arc gouging.

Furthermore, it is powered by a long-life lithium battery, that will last around 5000 hours.

The auto-darkening feature switches on extremely fast (within around 1/25000 of a second) to protect your eyes from any stray sparks or harmful light. It is also equipped with sensitivity and delay settings so that you can adjust the helmet to suit the ambient lighting of your surroundings.

This helmet also has excellent optics and color recognition properties, allowing the user to see their work clearly at all times, and offers protection from UV and infra red radiation as required by manufacturing standards.

The Dekopro helmet is very comfortable and light. It features multiple adjustments in the headgear that allow you to size the helmet to fit your head properly, ensuring it won’t slip off or distract you while you work.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • UV/IR protection
  • Long-lasting battery ~ 5000hrs
  • Fast auto-detect
  • Different prints available


  • The head brace is a bit short for some users
  • Quality not good enough for serious welders

YESWELDER Welder Mask Helmet LYG-Q800D

Most Versatile Helmet!

yeswelder LYG-Q800D welding helmet
Check Price Here

The YesWelder LYG-Q800D model offers a broad view of 3.94″ x 3.23″. It is equipped with four premium sensors that trigger the auto-darkening feature for the front screen. This helmet also features a side view with no auto-darkening. This results in a full range of vision with a panoramic view that increases the user’s control and safety.

This helmet is versatile and can operate in various modes depending on what job you’re working on – cutting, welding or grinding – which makes it more user-friendly. For example, on “cut” mode, you can select a shade range from 5-9, which are the most appropriate for the low amount of light typically generated while cutting, as it provides a mixture of high visibility and light protection.

On the other hand, on “weld” mode, the shade range is extended from 9 – 13, providing more eye protection from the bright sparks and flares generated from this kind of work. I think this feature makes this helmet a great option for those who regularly work on more than just welding.

This helmet is also cheater lens compatible. Furthermore, it is equipped with a UV/IR filter that works even if the helmet has no power.

In addition, the headgear is fully adjustable with multiple settings and has an oversized cushion which makes it fit perfectly and comfortably for any head shape.


  • Highly versatile – weld, cut and grind mode
  • Side angle views
  • No green glare
  • Long lasting battery
  • Storage bag, spare battery and spare lens
  • Cheater lens compatible


  • Slightly heavy
  • No auto darken on side screens

YESWELDER True Color Hood Helmet LYG-L500A

No Frills Helmet!

yeswelder LYG-L500A welding helmet
Check Price Here

Similar to the other two YesWelder welding helmets reviewed above, the LYG-L500A is equipped with true colour technology that reduces the green tint on traditional helmet viewing screens and results in better, clearer and crisper vision. This helmet has a viewing area of 3.64″ x 1.67″.

This helmet is perfect for TIG, MIG, and MMA. It comes with an auto-darkening feature connected to two premium sensors that have a lightning fast response time of about 1/10000 seconds. 

Moreover, the headgear is extremely comfortable with a massive internal cushion, and accessible adjustment settings that allow you to tailor the fit to suit your head shape. It is also lightweight and comes in many fun designs such as fire, lightning or cyberpunk, as well as classic black.

The LYG-L500A is the most simple of the YesWelder helmets reviewed today. If you’re looking for a no-frills helmet that does the job at an affordable price, this is the one I would recommend.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Clear colors + anti green tint
  • Minimum auto darken response time
  • Durable
  • No-frills


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • 180 day warranty

Antra Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Best Value for Money!

antra auto darkening welding helmet
Check Price Here

Next up, we have the Antra auto darkening welding helmet.

This budget-friendly welding helmet comes with an auto-dimming shutter to shade 13 and a passive filter to protect you from UV/IR radiation even when the helmet has no power.

The chin of the helmet comes down past the user’s neck to provide full head and neck protection from splatters, debris, and radiation.

Furthermore, it is equipped with four premium arc sensors with a super fast response time that switch on two LCD shutters when a welding arc is detected.

These shutters are also automatically turned off when the arc is no longer detected, saving the user the hassle of removing the shutter manually.

It also features a unique interference suppression technology that helps prevent false triggering of the shutter from sunlight or workshop lights, while increasing its sensitivity to a welding arc.

The Antra auto-darkening welding helmet is ideal for domestic and industrial use as it is suitable for applications from MIG, TIG, MMA to stick welding and plasma cutting. It is also compatible with cheater lenses which makes it perfect for people who require glasses or need vision correction.


  • Full coverage
  • Flexible headgear
  • Easy operation
  • Crystal clear lens
  • Unique interference suppression technology reduces incorrect shuttering


  • Small viewing size
  • Darkening dial on outside of helmet
  • Reviews of darkening lens failing

Monster and Master Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

monster and master budget welding helmet
Check Price Here

Monster and master welding helmet is equipped with a super large viewing area of 3.94″ x 3.27″. It comes with four sensors connected to the auto darkening shutter, and a liquid crystal and optical coating that protects the user from UV and infra red rays.

The quick response auto darken feature on the Monster and Master welding helmet means it reacts to a welding arc instantaneously and changes the shade from light to dark. It comes with multiple knobs to adjust the shade, delay time, and sensitivity of the viewing screen.

The ergonomic design of this welding helmet makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

In addition, this welding helmet’s external materials are resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion, and flames, and are highly durable and strong. Its multipurpose design makes it perfect for not only welding but also automotive construction, metal production, and fabrication.


  • Durable
  • Ergonomic, comfortable design
  • Anti-interference feature for surrounding light
  • Multipurpose functionality
  • Large viewing screen


  • No side view
  • Slightly heavy
  • Weak headgear adjustments

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

tanox digital control welding helmet
Check Price Here

The Tanox auto-darkening helmet is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists who don’t want a compromise on safety. It comes with a standard viewing area of 3.86″ x 2.4″.

It features true color technology that allows the user to see clearly through the screen. You can choose between different modes such as grind, weld, and cut according to your work. You can also adjust the sensitivity, delay, and shades of the viewing screen. All of this means that the helmet can respond optimally to the kind of work you’re doing, providing the perfect balance between eye protection and clear vision through the screen.

The headband of the helmet has a comfortable design and multiple adjustment options, allowing this helmet to fit to any sized head.

You also get a pair of 16-inch thick double-layered welding gloves in the package, which are heat resistant up to 620 degrees Celsius. I think this is great for beginners who might not already have gloves, as they can get two items of gear for the price of one.

It also comes with a helmet carrying bag and a spare lens to have on hand just in case the one in the helmet breaks.


  • Highly versatile
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Different modes for cutting, welding and grinding
  • Comes with welding gloves and a spare screen


  • No side view
  • Some users report flickering issues
  • Knobs made of cheap quality

TOOLIOM Auto Darkening Welding Hood

tooliom budget welding helmet
Check Price Here

The Tooliom auto-darkening helmet comes with a wide and clear view area of 3.97 x 3.7. It’s auto darkening feature has four sensors that detect a welding arc within 1/30000 sec, which is the fastest of all the helmets reviewed in this article.

It features true color technology that filters out the green tint commonly found in traditional welding helmets.

It is made with strong polypropylene material, which makes it durable and break-resistant. Its power supply includes a solar panel and 3V lithium batteries.

TOOLIOM welding helmet is very easy to operate. The lightweight exterior of the helmet has multiple joint adjustments that allow the user to easily fit it to their head. As a result, it offers maximum support and a comfortable fit. It is also compatible with a magnifying lens for those who require vision correction.


  • True color technology
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Low battery indicator
  • Multiple modes
  • Fastest switching time of all helmets in this article


  • Only features weld and grind modes, no cut mode unlike other models
  • Heavy for some users

Lincoln Electric K3419 Welding Helmet

Highest Rated Welding Helmet!

lincoln electric welding helmet
Check Price Here

The Lincoln electric welding helmet is a solar-powered auto-darkening helmet. It comes with a variable shade level from 9 to 13, which can also be adjusted externally. It is equipped with two independent sensors, which help to avoid blind spots. It also has a low battery warning light.

Furthermore, it comes with various knobs which you can use to adjust the delay time and sensitivity. It also has an automatic turn-on and shut-off function and a fast auto darken response time of 1/25000 seconds.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Solar-powered
  • 7 to 13 shade options
  • Batteries are easily accessible and replaceable


  • Only two welding arc sensors
  • Poor auto-darkening quality
  • Darkening dial on outside of helmet

Best Budget Welding Helmets – Buying Guide

Finding the right welding helmet can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re a beginner. There are many different features that welding helmets have, and it’s important to understand which features you may want before making your selection.

Below I explain what some of the most common features of welding helmets are, and how to find good quality ones.

Auto Darkening Feature

Auto-darkening helmets use sensors that detect welding arcs or sparks to immediately increase the shade of the lens to protect your eyes from overexposure to bright light. Such helmets use liquid crystal display technology and a power source such as a battery or solar power to do this. Typically, helmets have four sensors that detect the arc, although two can be sufficient.

Usually, the inactive shade of most lenses is at 3-4 level (see “Shade Range” below), which is close to natural lighting. This enables you to go about your workshop doing other things without having to constantly remove your helmet.

When you start welding, the sensors auto-detect the higher light level and automatically adjust the shade of the lens within 1/25000 seconds, meaning you can start and stop welding as you please without having to manually adjust the shade of your helmet, and with the knowledge that your eyes will always be protected.

Lens Clarity

Lens clarity is another essential factor of welding helmets that can increase your productivity and help you avoid risks. A clearer lens gives you a clearer view, which increases welding accuracy and makes your task easier and faster to complete.

If you can, look out for helmets that feature true color or green tint reduction technologies. These not only provide clear views, but also keep the colors that you see while wearing the helmet as true as possible.

Viewing Area

The viewing area of welding helmets generally ranges from six to nine square inches. Usually, a larger viewing area is best as it enables you to see more. Some helmets also feature side panels for peripheral vision as well.

Shade Range

The shade range of a welding helmet essentially refers to how dark the screen gets when it detects a welding arc.

Passive welding helmets have a fixed shade while the auto-darkening helmets come with variable shade ranges. Auto-darkening helmets generally provide a shade range from 9 to 13, while some premium helmets offer a range from 5 to 13 (the higher the number, the darker the shade).

Variable shade ranges can be advantageous if you work on different kinds of projects that emit different light levels.

For example, a lighter shade is useful for jobs that only emit small sparks or glows as it provides a balance between visibility and eye protection, while the darker shades are best for intense welding jobs where the light is bright and damaging, and you need as much eye protection as possible.


Power options in auto darkening helmets range from solar panels and non-replaceable batteries to replaceable batteries.

If you are looking for a long-lasting battery, then lithium batteries are a great choice. However, lithium batteries are comparatively expensive and not available everywhere, so AAA battery-powered helmets are also a good option if you use the helmet on a casual basis.

Head/Neck Coverage

When purchasing a welding helmet, always ensure that it offers full head and neck coverage. This ensures that you will have maximum coverage from harmful radiation, heat or hot sparks that may be emitted from your work.


Welding helmets come in a variety of sizes, and most of them also feature multiple adjustment points. Choose the one that is fully adjustable and provides a tailored fit.

A good fitting helmet is especially important when doing work such as welding, as a helmet that doesn’t fit properly could slide around or obstruct your view while you work, potentially creating a hazardous situation.


Always check the weight of the helmet before buying, and opt for a helmet that has even weight distribution, and is light weight overall.

This will enable you to wear the helmet for extended periods of time without putting strain on your head or neck

Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100 – Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find the right budget welding helmet for your needs. As you can see, there are a number of high quality helmets on the market that provide a range of useful features at a very affordable price. With the reviews above, you should be able to find the right helmet for your specific needs.

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