Best Mophorn Plasma Cutter Reviews – Top Rated

A Morhorn Plasma Cutter is perfect for any welder or other tradesman who needs a plasma cutter.

Welding is a basic necessity of garage owner and taking heavy machine for it will not be an issue because Mophorn Plasma Cutters are here to help you in your work and you will be amazed to have such light weight and high Quality Plasma cutters at very reasonable price.

Moreover, The Cooling system is very effective and big so heating will not be an issue .

If we consider Mophorn technology, for plasma welder and plasma cutter then there are many products of Mophorn technology that are notable but here we will just discuss one of the best plasma cutters, Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine.

1. Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual

Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine CUT50F Inverter Digital Plasma Welding Machine(50 AMP 110V/220V)Without any delay, we will discuss the work, specifications, and facts about Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine.

Cutting performance:

This machine is highly capable of cutting any kind of metal with high efficiency. This machine gives you more accurate cutting performance. Its normal cutting depth is 6mm and maximum depth of this best plasma cutter is 10mm.

You can cut any kind of metal surface with this and you will never face any hazard while cutting thinner plates. This plasma cutter works inflow and steadily.

What about the Duty Cycle?

This Mophorn plasma cutter’s duty cycle has proficiency compared to all other plasma cutters. If it is operating in 50 amperes then its duty cycle will be 60% and it has duty cycle 100% when it operates in 30 amperes.

So, you do not have any need for more duty cycle than 50 percent because it is enough for increasing the efficiency of your work. On this point, it easily beats other plasms cutters.

Cooling system:

There is one more thing which makes it best than the other plasma cutters and that is its best cooling system which 20 percent bigger than others. This cooling system has the ability that keeps the machine cool for a longer time. If cooling system of any machine works effectively and gives longer results then it means that machine can work for longer time without any damage.

Required air pressure:

If you want a quick work then you should go for this Mophorn because it uses just 75 psi air pressure. 75 psi air pressure is a relatively small amount which is used by this plasma cutter while cutting.

Body structure

When we talk about the body structure, then we have got a small interface with a digital display here. With this smart digital display, you will be able to have more control over the machine, as well as efficient work. You are going to have more flexibility with the three meters long cutting torch.

In short, this plasma cutter will be most suitable when the smoothness in cutting is needed.

Highlighted Features

6 mm normal and 10 mm severance cutting.

75 psi air pressure.

60% duty cycle at 50 amperes and 100% at 30 amperes.

5.5 KVA power rating.

2.5-meter torch cable leads assay.

50 or 60 Hz output.

Latest cutter technology.

Large cooling fan.


2. Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter -Best Welding Machine Under $500

Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine(3 in 1) CT520D Multi Inverter WelderMophorn series is always ready to provide you with a better machine with quality performance. In this machine, Mophorn gives us three in one functions. You can say you will get the one body with three different features.

  1. airforce plasma cutter
  2. Tig Stick Welder 200Amp
  3. Welding machine CT520D

These three functions are available in market with separate bodies, but it will become a costly choice. If you need these three functions in one machine then you should go for this Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine(3 in 1) CT520D Multi Inverter Welder. You will get this plasma cutter and welding machine under $500.

Body structure:

It is made with advanced inverter technology. This technology gives a strong body structure which is suitable for any kind of atmosphere. It can easily cope up with humidity and protect the inside parts of the machine. Another exciting thing about this best plasma welder that it has a LED display.

Power, welding and cutting performance:

This plasma cutter has a maximum 50A input current and its output current is adjustable with its LED display. The duty cycle of this machine is 35%. It can cut any metal material which is 12mm thick. It provides a smooth cut with high efficiency. You will get a smooth, beautiful and faster cut with this plasma cutter. If we talk about its welding ability then you will never regret because it gives you the best.


This multifunctional plasma cutter or welder has dual voltage function. It can use both 110V and 220V. Due to this function, it can work more efficiently and perfectly.

Safety and protection:

It can protect itself by using IP21 level protection. If it is over-heated then this IP21 level saves it from any damage. It has an air pressure gauge which protects it from dust, dirt particle, and others.


It is useful for many metals. You can cut and weld different metals with this plasma cutter plus welders like stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, carbon steel, mild steel, copper and other metal materials. You can use this welder and plasma cutter for repairing and maintenance, metal processing, automotive, ducting work, manufacture, site work and more.

Easy to use:

It is very easy to use and you can control it easily. Due to its advanced technology, it is easy to operate.

You can get following things in the package:

50 Amp plasma cutter, 1 cutting torch, earth clamp, pressure reducing valve, 2 Air Hos and2 electrode nozzle.

  • It is light in weight
  • Easily move and portable
  • Easy to control and operate
  • It can cut 12mm thick
  • CE certified machine
  • Air pressure gauge
  • NIL


3. OrangeA Multifunctional TIG MMA Welder Machine 110V Air Plasma Cutter Welder

OrangeA Multifunctional TIG MMA Welder Machine 110V Air Plasma Cutter Welder Welding Cut Machine CT312 (CUT-50 Cutter)Every cutter and welder do its work efficiently and properly but some can cut and weld more smoothly and efficiently and gives beautiful and perfect results. In these cutters and welders, OrangeA Multifunctional TIG MMA Welder Machine 110V Air Plasma Cutter Welder Welding Cut Machine CT312 (CUT-50 Cutter) is the best welder and cutter.

Here is some specification of this best plasma machine:

Compact structure:

It is made by Advanced MOSFET inverter technology with strong body structure. It has compact size and light in weight. It has 11kg (24.2lbs), weight and body size is 450×160×300mm (17.7×6.3×11.8 inch). Due to its compact size, you can easily move it from place to place wherever you want. It is very convenient to carry.


It can use a household voltage 110V. So, you can use it for repairing and maintaining household items.  It can work with 50/60Hz input frequency with 60% of the duty cycle. Its power factor is 0.93.

Cutting performance:

It can cut smoothly and efficiently with 85% efficiency. It can cut alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and many other metal materials.


It has an IP23 protection level which protects it from all internal and external damages. It has an air cooling system which works when it is over-heated.


It is suitable for DIY and repairs for your household goods. It is easy to operate for beginners and you can use it for small projects.

In the package you will find all following things:

A welder main body, one TIG torch, three sets of tungsten needle clip diversion pieces, cutting torch, set of nozzle electrodes, one ground clamp and cable, one small bag, English manual for guiding.

  • High arc energy
  • Less pollution and burning
  • Enrich welding material
  • Seldom does the welding deformation
  • It has an air cooling and thermostatic protection
  • It is a multi-function of TIG and MMA welder as well as air plasma cutting
  • It is having ARC column slender which is providing strong penetrability
  • Built in advanced MOSFET inverter technology
  • It is working with high efficiency
  • It is not suitable for industrial use