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Best Plasma Cutters Under $300

Welcome to our review of the best plasma cutters under $300! We will get into the pros and cons of our top models below, but first let’s discuss why investing in an affordable plasma cutter is a good idea to begin with.

Best Plasma Cutters Under $300 – Introduction

Plasma cutters are one of many tools you can use to cut through steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum sheets with speed and precision. They come in different brands and models, and prices can range from as low as $200 to as high as $2000.

A high-end plasma cutter, however, is not for everyone. Those ultra-expensive and heavy-duty ones with all the bells and whistles are mostly for professional use.

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast who will only use it occasionally, or a beginner who wants to try plasma cutting and welding for the first time to see if they like it, an affordable plasma cutter will be all you need to get the job done.

But don’t think that at this price your only options will be dodgy or poor quality.

On the contrary, advancements in technology have allowed most manufacturers to introduce affordable plasma cutters that function with such quality and reliability that they sometimes rival the performance of more expensive models.

The Best Plasma Cutters Under $300 Are:

Here is a quick list of the best plasma cutters under $300.

primeweld 50a air plasma cutter lotos lt5000d plasma cutter hynade hyc45d plasma cutter lotos lt3500 best plasma cutters under $300 plasma cutter
Primeweld Air Inverter Plasma Cutter (Most Recommended!) Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter Hynade HYC45D Plasma Cutter Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter (Most Affordable!) Zeny Inverter Plasma Cutter
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Now let’s get into the detailed reviews of our top 7 plasma cutters in this price range. Below you’ll find features, specs, pros and cons of each model.

PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

Our Most Recommended Best Plasma Cutters Under $300!

The PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter is designed for non-professionals and weekend warriors who want a plasma cutter without spending a lot of money, but its performance can go head-to-head with most high-priced brands.

Product Specifications

Input Voltages110-220V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
Input Current110-220V, 1-PH, 20 A
Output Current10-50 A
Duty Cycle @ 40°C (104°F)60% @ 50A, 110V
60% @ 50A, 220V
Dimensions with HandleLength 15” Width 6” Height 12”
Weight22.5 lbs
Gas Inlet Flow Rate / Pressure3.6 scfm @ 65 psi
Input Power Cable Length6’

This 50 Amp digital air inverter plasma cutter can handle up to ½” thickness with a maximum severance of ¾” with relative ease. You can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and other metals precisely and flawlessly.

Its compact size, light weight, and ergonomic handles allow it to be extremely portable. Its dual voltage capability allows you to bring it anywhere you have a project, whether a shop, garage, or at home.

Its 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects is another thing we like about this plasma cutter, as almost every other brand in its price range offers only a 1-year warranty.

Overall, we were most impressed with the cutting quality of this plasma cutter, which feels just as smooth and powerful as many other more expensive plasma cutters. The set up is also very straightforward and easy for a beginner to understand.

All of these facts, coupled with PrimeWeld’s excellent customer service, makes this our most recommended best plasma cutters under $300!

Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter

Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter

The Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter is designed for do-it-yourself and light welding jobs but can perform equally well in rugged environments.

Similar to the PrimeWeld model above, the Lotos LT5000D cuts extremely smoothly and efficiently for its price. It’s even strong enough to cut through material as thick as 5/8″ steel, however you may need to go slowly for jobs like this!

Product Specifications

Input Voltages110-220V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
Input Current110-220V, 1-PH, 20 A
Output Current10-50 A
Duty Cycle @ 40°C (104°F)60% @ 50A, 110V
60% @ 50A, 220V
Dimensions with HandleLength 15” Width 6” Height 12”
Weight22.5 lbs
Gas Inlet Flow Rate / Pressure3.6 scfm @ 65 psi
Input Power Cable Length6’

This plasma cutter features a precise cutting technology that uses a torch trigger instead of a pilot arc. It is suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and other metals.

It is equipped with a built-in inverter that allows the cutter to provide continuous and efficient cutting. It is also integrated with PWM technology that not only produces steady direct current power with rapid modulation to provide cutting consistency but also enhances inverter efficiency by approximately 30%.

The V-MOSFET transistor assures reliable and steady power output whether the metal you are cutting is thick or thin. It is dependable, efficient, and precise.

It uses advanced PAPST German technology in its cooling system which provides adequate airflow, thus preventing overheating.

Hynade HYC45D Plasma Cutter

Hynade HYC45D Plasma Cutter under $300

The HYC45D Plasma Cutter machine from Hynade is designed with an IGBT soft watch technology that makes this cutter reliable, solid, and packed with features you would never expect from an affordable plasma cutter.

It is covered by a 3-year warranty, but only for the machine. The torch and consumables are not covered.

Product Specifications

Input voltage110V/230V
Current range10A-45A
Generator Input3.9 KVA
Rated Duty Cycle60% at 45A
100% at 30A
Max Cutting Thickness10mm mild steel
Torch Length4 meters PT31
Earth Cable Length2 meters

This plasma cutter is suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminum, and can cut clean up to 6 mm under 60 psi, and up to 10 mm severance under 70 psi.

Its dual voltage allows simple and smooth operation, and its built-in fan cools the machine and prevents overheating, which ultimately extends the performance and lifespan of this model.

This plasma cutter also comes with a cutting torch with a 4-meter cable, an air regulator with air gauge, a 2-meter earth cable, 2 electrodes, 2 tips, 1 air hose with clamps, a 230V female to 115V male power plug, and a user manual.

When trying it out, we found that this plasma cutter cuts cleanly, has a quick and easy set up, and works as intended. For it’s price point, you couldn’t ask for more from a plasma cutter, and any beginner would have a lot of fun working with the Hynade!

Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter

Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter

Our Most Affordable Best Plasma Cutters Under $300!

The Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter is a portable and powerful yet affordable option that is an exceptional choice for light-duty small business jobs and home DIY projects.

Product Specifications

Output Current10-35 A
Ideal Cut Thickness2/5″ or 10 mm
Severance Cut Thickness3/5″ or 15 mm
Duty cycle @ 104°F (40°C)30% @35 A
Input Voltage110 – 125 V

This plasma cutter is suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum. It is equipped with a pilot arc with an HF start for quick and precise cutting results. If you require precision more than power from your tool, then this one is perfect for you. Its incredibly light weight at a mere 18 lbs, making it extremely portable as well.

Its built-in NPT ¼” industry type-D plug allows you to connect it quickly and easily to your air compressor. It is also equipped with a built-in air filter and air gauge, and an efficient cooling system.

Its one main drawback is that it does not have a dual voltage system, only an automatic dual-frequency system at 50/60 Hz, which can be quite limiting.

It also has a 30-day refund or replacement and a 1-year warranty which is a bit disappointing, compared to 3 years in other models in it’s price range.

As the cheapest model reviewed in this article, the Lotos LT3500 is still an incredible investment. It cuts smoothly, works as it should, and can be used for any home DIY projects.

ZENY Inverter Plasma Cutter

ZENY DC Plasma Cutter

The ZENY Inverter Plasma Cutter is a lightweight and user-friendly plasma cutter suitable for light to medium-heavy metal works such as metal-made machinery processing.

This technology allows you to achieve clean and flawless cutting results even when cutting different-sized metal sheets. It is a reliable, user-friendly machine that gives you great value for money.

Product Specifications

Duty cycle60%
Load loss40W
Power factor0.93
Air pressure0.4 Pa
Rated input current24 A
Power supply voltage110V/60Hz
Power supply capacity5.5KVA
Current range20-50A
Max cutting thickness1-12mm

This plasma cutter employs inverter technology that provides stable and steady power while enabling you to enjoy energy savings of up to 50%.

It is fairly easy to set up, and, at 22 lbs, is extremely lightweight and compact, and easy to take to anywhere you have a project going on.

Its dual voltage system, built-in over-voltage, under-voltage and lack of compressed air protection, and highly efficient cooling fan help increase performance and safety.

There are 2 issues many users have complained about this cutter. The first one is the short power cable and ground wire that can limit your movements while working, and the second one is that, although the LCD screen display is large, the buttons are a bit small and hard to see properly. In our opinion these aren’t deal breakers, but points to note when considering which plasma cutter is the best for your specific needs.

Best Plasma Cutters Under $300 – Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you choose the best plasma cutters under $300 for your needs! As you can see, there are a number of extremely affordable plasma cutters out there that perform just as well as their high-end counterparts.

Our top pick of the list above is the PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter, but you can’t go wrong with any of the models we’ve reviewed today.

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