Review: Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder Plazma Cutter 230V


Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V


Are you serious thoughts of fixing some fences around your home? The news today mentioned the street crime news that has increased a lot lately right? Having some planning onto building your pet dog’s house but need some welding to do as well. It is indeed not an easy task and requires some prior skill and right selection of tools to do the job.

The second definition of right tool is getting it from the right kind of brand. For you, we have Hobart brand and its famous Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V.  Before we proceed to our description let’s have a quick go through on what exactly is a Plasma Cutter? And what is Plasma? Let’s have a deep look at plasma welding and learn more about it as well as plasma itself.

Plasma cutting is essentially a procedure that includes cutting utilizing electrically conductive materials as a medium. Plasma cutting procedure includes where these materials progress toward becoming quickened stream of hot plasma. The materials we are talking about are experienced plasma burn. Only for knowledge to gain, plasma is a fourth matter. Like we as a whole concentrated in our Science classes about fluid, gas and solid being three phases of matter, plasma positions fourth.

More to include learning of plasma cutting. It is more observed for car fix and rebuilding, rescue, rejecting activities and manufacture shops. Materials that plasma burn help with cutting through are metal, copper, treated steel, steel, and aluminum. Plasma cutting is very popular in mechanical CNC applications everywhere scale and furthermore among specialist shops.

This is because of the high speed and brief cuts that are joined with cost plasma. Hobart takes pride in delivering high proficiency items that are exceptionally convenient for both family and business purposes. Their items emerge in the market. To proceed with our entire plasma welding process than in the least demanding words, it is a prudent procedure as is the instrument plasma cutting machine or welding unit that too with 190 MIG 230V. Here we have Best plasma shaper 2019 and referenced beneath are salient features of this unit.

Features of Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V

  • Can weld up to 24 ga to 5/16inches of steel in single pass
  • Powerful and excellent results with professionalism
  • Operates on 230 V of power
  • Has 25 to 190 output amperage
  • Seven voltage selections
  • Updated magnetics and infinite wire feed speed control. This feed speed control gives out sound control of the output parameters in order to improve arc performance with much lesser spatter.
  • Thirty percent of duty cycle @ 130 Amps


Is it accurate to say or wonder about the right demand or increase in interest of plasma or welding machine to both individuals and business people? Or on the other hand, do you need some additional aptitude to manage it? To be honest we are talking on advantages of a best budget plasma cutter and how they have been turning the entire market of hardware through the headway of innovation and other component. You can utilize this cutting machine for cutting diverse materials, for example, non-ferrous material and cutting steel.

The non-ferrous material should be under 1 inch thick. On the off chance that you contrast Oxy-fuel cutting and that of Plasma shaper, Oxy-Fuel removes metal stuff through oxidization or consuming. Plasma has an entire diverse procedure to cut and it is quicker and gives a superior nature of result as non-direct cuts. The oxy-fuel is constrained to steel and different ferrous for oxidation which makes. Plasma shaper is managing non-ferrous materials. Plasma cutting isn’t reliant on oxidation to work and other than metal steel it can cut aluminum and other conductive materials.

Plasma cutting can take a shot at a conductive metal, for example, aluminum, stainless and mild steel to make reference to. Truth be told with mild steel the client gets the opportunity to encounter thicker cuts as contrast with combinations. While Oxy-fuel cutting procedure happens through oxidizing or consuming. Subsequently, oxy-fuel is restricted to steel and a couple of ferrous metals that work at oxidizing process.

Plasma cutting is a task that utilizes a high-velocity fly of ionized gas. This is essentially plasma which is conveyed from a choking opening. The plasma at that point conducts power from the light of the shaper to the work thing. The high velocity ionized gas warms the work thing consequently liquefying the material. The plasma at that point precisely overwhelms the liquid metal and you get a hard structure material.

  • You get excellent control of output with seven voltage selections.
  • This is great because it enhances magnetism and the infinite wire speed control settings.
  •  It is capable of giving the welder great control over the output settings.
  • You can weld aluminum really easily.
  • The design is very strong and durable
  • This  plasma cutter is costly.


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