Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter Review 2019

Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V

While surfing internet I noticed that construction companies, individuals, business people, and other related professions mates are all on one page i.e. “The search for Right Tool”. Right tool for what? To barbecue ribs and steak? No, here we are having plasma cutters having built-in air compressor for review so we are basically talking about the right tool for plasma cutting process.

Are you too one of them looking for cutting machine for your maintenance (occasional for that matter) or for repair work? If you have just signed up this housing society project with some builder and now very well needs a good welding machine then you can pause your activities and read out this guide to get a better knowledge of the “right too” Of course it is not about buying eggs and break. We are talking about proper stainless steel and other conductive material cutting machines for you.

The kind of machine that is not only affordable but works smoothly with definite efficient result. A welding machine is considered efficient when it gives determined fine and precise cuts with the exclusion of ear-piercing sound. Everyone hates those ear-piercing sound that welding machine produces when a metal is in cutting process. Also, it affects not just you but disturbs nearby areas, could be some hospital looked at the corner of the road or someone living next door.

I am aware of these important considerations and so have chosen a product that has got all the needed attributes. Keeping cheap affordable plasma cutters into consideration the one we have today is off the hook. Do not stop reading and find out why Hobart Company’s very plasma cutter got our eyes and why do we want you to have some attention here as well.

As we know technology has changed our lives in a blink of an eye. Technology has not only influenced a regular housewife but also affected businesses both positively and negatively. In the case of plasma cutters, ever since new form of technology has been infused into them for the sake of “ease of use” it has changed everything.

From determining a suitable pricing strategy to meet economies of scale to launch it into the market with the right form of use of advertising channels everything is being ruled by technology. For Hobart, it is more about satisfying its customers using this very technology i.e. using the advanced form of i.t systems to better facilitate its users and give them what they want in quickest possible and affordable way.

Size, portability, price of the unit are all factors that too are dependent on technology. Welding machines having powered buttons and accessories that need some form of technical system to use are examples to explain our point. Before everything was manual now it is different for every right reason.

Now heading back to where we started from, the search for a plasma cutter? For review, we have budget plasma cutter that is just the right product for you. Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V is what we are going to discuss here.

Here you will find a detailed review and study guide of the product along with salient features. The detailed talk on this very plasma cutter shall be enlightening product design to better select the right kind plasma welding machine. You can find pros and cons for quick glance on the functionality of Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V. The Plasma cutting comes with not or proper user-friendly features but can give great quality cuts and really fast travel speeds to you.


Features of Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V:

  • This product comes with a built-in air compressor
  • You get to get faster cutting as compare to using oxy-fuel
  • It has smaller heat-affected area for lesser warping
  • There are no gas pressure settings. It is for flame tuning when needed
  • Fine and precise cut, thinner kerf and easy cleanup system.

The air compressor is an important feature for any machine that requires or is capable of producing a good amount of heat. Using air compressor the machine is able to perform better. It serves as a plus point for any welding machine. Most of the plasma cutting machines are missing out this feature but Hobart is wise about its productions. In fact, you will find this brand giving out needed warranty too. The warranty becomes a blessing when you make a purchase that has cost you some amount out of your range (totally worth it by the way) and damage occurs in the machine. You can claim for repair or even replacement.

Welding machines are operated at certain volts. Hobart’s most products have multi-voltage plasma cutters i.e. you can make them operate at both 115 V and even 240. Depending on what is told by the company to you. Moving further to other features of this product. The Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter gives cutting with excellent speed and no compromise on final results. In fact, it works way better if you opt to cut any metal using oxy-fuel. Oxy-fuel has its serious disadvantages so better avoid it.

The product gets a small heat-affected area. This limited area is set for lesser warping. However, if you go for this product you will not be getting gas pressure settings. But note this that it is for this product by Hobart and not their other products. Hobart as a wide range of products and equipment to use by both light and heavy industrial persons. The end results are really fine with precise cuts. You get great thinner kerf. This unit is not that difficult to clean hence making it a better option to go for.

  • You get built-in air compressor.
  • Thinner Kerf and cleaning is easy.
  • Better results than oxy fuel
  • You will not be getting gas pressure settings for flame tuning if needed.


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