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Hobart 165i EZTIG Welder/Plasma Cutter Review

The Hobart 165i EZTIG Welder/Plasma Cutter is a fantastic device for beginners. It’s super easy to use – all you have to do is turn it on, let it power up, select your material and material thickness and you’re basically ready to go.

Perfect for at home jobs that require welding, it comes with enough features to get the job done without forcing you to pay for additional features that you’ll never use.

Read on below to learn more about the Hobart 165i EZTIG Welder!

Hobart EZTIG 165i Plasma Cutter

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Firstly, why would you want a welder/plasma cutter?

It is not a hidden fact that the machines you use for welding and plasma cutting are quite heavier and a real hectic job to move from one place to another. Though there are some plasma cutters on the go that are features rich of course each comes with a price you might think twice on.

It is imperative to know that a quality welding trolley is expected to have ideal size. The size that would simply fit and go along with most (if not all) welders and plasma cutters. Also, it to be stronger, more durable and with more space for gas tanks along with a storage tray for keeping required accessories and equipment smaller in size.

It is equally important to get the right unit or welding machine/plasma cutter from the right brand. Now every brand seems to be perfect and it is very confusing to get the right product from right place. To solve this mystery we have Hobart EZTIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder with Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart for you. Read on to learn about it’s features and specifications:

Hobart EZTIG 165i Welder/Plasma Cutter Features:

  • User-friendly Interface
  • The Fan-On-Demand Feature
  • Adjusts to most plasma machines and MIG
  • Fan on Demand
  • Can weld 22ga
  • Strong steel construction
  • Handle is rightly fixed.

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Easy User Interface

The user interface is a user-friendly feature of this product. To be honest, Hobart is a brand that has been awarded and recognized because of its user-friendly features. Welding machines or plasma cutters are not about one push-button thing but rather you need a strong command on its technicality. As far as Hobart 165i EZTIG is concerned here you just need to power up the unit. Also, select the kind of material you want along with determining the material thickness range. These are important considerations when it comes to an interface for a best plasma cutter.

Fan on Demand

Heading to fan on-demand feature. Welding machines may vary in size but each creates almost same amount of heat as when you are cutting out the metal, steel or any other conductive material you, of course, needs the set temperature range to cut the metal with efficiency. Moreover, the waste material is same too.

I mean as much as waste comes out in the process depending on the input (material being in process of cutting) may be same. So keeping the cleanliness and maintenance factor up front Hobart’s this Fan-on-Demand attribute lets fan of the unit to operate or run only when it is required. This saves the unit from getting unnecessary air or functioning of the welder’s feature that is not required.

The Fan-On-Demand attribute also assists and help in reduction of debris or dust that is pulled right into the unit.  Cleanliness is an important factor that cannot be ignored but one most important thing to mention here is while cleaning dust particles into the unit it is very important to make sure the unit is cooled off.


Do not touch the plasma cutter while it is on or when you know the inside machinery is all heated up or else you will get some serious injuries you would not want to have. Not all plasma cutters have this feature. It is a special quality of Hobart. Hobart is “public’s brand” and hence it is aware of the needs and requirements of its customers.


As far as the level of welding is concerned you can use Hobart 165i EZTIG to weld 22ga up to 3/16. It is possible in both DC and AC (aluminum). The design of this welder is pretty strong. The manufacturers made sure to give it a steel construction. The steel construction gives out a durable finish.


The stronger design lets the unit face tough climatic conditions. It would not rust out that easily nor the inside machinery would be rusted. The steel construction increases the plasma cutter’s life hence making it durable and more reliable to use. Hobart 165i EZTIG Welder is adjustable and compatible with most of the plasma machines and it also fits perfectly with MIG.

Hobart 165i EZTIG – Conclusion

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Lastly, the handle attached with the unit is fitted perfectly at the right location and would not get in the way of leads. As mentioned earlier at the beginning about ease of use factor of Hobart’s products, one thing that needs to be added here is pricing strategy. Price of each product of Hobart is very economical and they send their products in ready to use form.

You do not need assistance but not for any assembling but rather for safety concerns. You will not be requiring to do any extra expense or face damage in products after delivery. These things might sound common and maybe many brands might be mentioning them as secondary concerns but for Hobart, it is primary foremost important concern to look at and not to be ignored.

The wide range of products are available by Hobart and each one has a price that does not go hard on wallets. You can use Hobart 165i EZTIG Welder to hold plasma cutter or a welding machine.

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  • It is great for commercial purposes and to use at home as well.


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  • It is important to specify that the cart size might not be enough and it might not be able to a welder or a plasma cutter both together at once. So if you are looking for a cart for two machines at a time then you might have to keep searching.


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