Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter Digital Review 2020

Best Plasma cutterEver since videos channels like YouTube and Daily motion became hit people have learn about metal cutting work. Many tutorials and unboxing videos of such equipment can be seen on different social forums. Thus, increasing the knowledge about plasma cutting among people.

Still it cannot be said that it is as simple as those 10-15 minutes videos show nor every brand or welding machine has such smooth results. You have to be really picky and conscious while pulling out that plasma cutter you have your eyes fixed and put it in the cart. Here, is where we are going to help.

This guide speaks one of the best plasma cutter Lotos named as Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter, 55 AMP Digital Control Non-Touch Pilot ARC Plasma Metal Cutter, Non-HF Blowback Arc Start Plasma Cutter, Metal Cutter in the market. You will come across different lotus plasma cutter reviews.

Do not confuse yourself. The whole plasma cutting process considers in some real rigorous cutting which is precise in a very efficient manner.

One must know that the selection of a high-quality plasma system matters a lot in the difference of result one gets through the use, as in the type of cutting of the metal. A good plasma cutter gives out smooth and clean cut without any un-even edges of any chance of inefficient work. This is because of how well cutting is done through electrically conductive materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

A plasma cutter is very helpful here as it comes with a high velocity ionized gas known as plasma. The high velocity ionized gas is applicable to the materials at a temperature of more than 20,000 degrees Celsius. It is vital to mention here that the most important factors to consider while choosing out a welding machine/plasma cutter are: power, price, durability, reliable and efficiency of that item.


  • Portable and Powerful
  • Non-HF
  • Input and Output
  • Package
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Customer Service

Detailed Description of best Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter

The LTP5500D has the ability to cut out 3/5” (15mm) metal singly handedly with ultimate portability having weight of only and only 15lbs. Know that portability is a very handy feature and it helps out business persons and engineers a lot in a way that when the worker has to visit the site for work for cutting process he can take this very plasma cutting machine with him easily.

Not all plasma cutters are this much lighter or have portability feature inserted into them. Some companies claim that their welding machines are portable but know that the weight of these units are so heavy hence carrying become really difficult for the operator.

More to add in the portable attribute, this makes Lotos Supreme LTP5500D perfect choice for home DIY jobs and regular light duty small business monthly projects etc. The Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter, 55 AMP Digital Control Non-Touch Pilot ARC Plasma Metal Cutter, Non-HF Blowback Arc Start Plasma Cutter comes with Non-HF Blowback Start thus no HF interference.

If you check the best lotos plasma cutter 2020 the second thing after portability that has given the brand recognition is the installation. The videos discussed above often miss out the basic knowledge about welding installations. Also, the metal cutting process is not piece of a cake.

It requires proper knowledge of how to operate the equipment. This includes installation or setup of the unit. As far as our Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter is concerned it has a record of setup within 1 min. Time is money and you definitely cannot spent hours just to adjust one unit and begin your project. For business dealers and bosses an equipment that would a lot of time in installation is a waste of time and money and so there is a high chance you will or you can lose that very project you have been trying to get since ages hence resulting into some negative reviews of your work and professionalism. Also in terms of efficiency, this factor counts. When you buy out a welding machine do not forget to inquire about the installation process.

If you go for Lotus LTP5500D plasma cutter then this one will take just one minute. How super speedy it is! If you are wondering how? Then the answer is that the per-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug and air filter regulator lets the operator to connect to the air compressor real quick.

The connection is established through using stand coupler existing on your very air compressor. The Non-HF start torch coming with central connector saves your precious time which otherwise would have happened while connecting the torch to your plasma cutter.

Moving further our discussion to the power of this product. As bulleted above input and output. This is about automatic dual voltage/ dual frequency (110/12o 220/24O V 50/60Hz). 2O-55A DC output, 3/5” ideal clean cut and 1” maximum severance cut under the 240/220V. The 20-35A DC output, 3/8” fine clean cut and 1/2” maximum severance cut under 110/120V.

The product with a certain package to mention which has consumables, ground clamp, power supply, Nlowback Non-HF start cutting torch, pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug and Air filter regulator. The package comes with a guaranteed satisfaction. You get full 30-days refund and replacement if something goes wrong. The product comes with a year warranty. So buy it with complete confidence. Also they have a friendly customer representative team which is there to assist with any queries whatsoever.

  • The good part of this product is its portability. It is light in weight and can be carried. You get multi voltage system which adds to the attribute. The company has a friendly customer support and the cutter comes with a year warranty and 30 days refund/ replacement.
  • You will be required to get some assistance as though it has one minute setup but “how to do” may be missing.


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