Lotos LTP8000 80 Amp Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter Review

Without any doubt, there are many plasma cutters in the market. But the one we have for you is the best of all. Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter. It is the best lotus plasma cutter that comes in blue color and 1” clean-cut facility.

The company made sure to manufacture a multi-voltage air plasma cutters and hence this very lotus plasma welder made up to best lotus plasma cutter 2020. If you want to get yourself a state of the art plasma cutter lotus is the one you must get.

It has interesting features which you can learn about by going through this guide. Before you step out to purchase make sure you read about lotus plasma cutter reviews. For example, like the one given below here. It is a detailed guide aimed to cover all important aspects of a plasma cutter lotus. This Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter review will help you a lot in final purchase.

Lotos LTP8000 Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter


How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Plasma cutting process is not a piece of a cake but rather needs to be learned and then tried on. Nor it is something that can be done with those cheap welding cutting tools and hence why we have got the best welding machine in town for you. Before heading to the original product allow us to explain a bit of plasma cutting process in simple words.

Plasma cutting is what engineers tell a process of using high-velocity jet of ionized gas. It is a plasma that is ejected through constricting orifice. Of course, you would not want such heated material to be delivered from a rusted or non-durable tool of plasma cutting.

Furthermore, in this process, one sees plasma conducting electricity right from the torch of the cutter to the item on which the operator is using it. The plasma or high velocity ionized gas heats up the object being dealt with thus melting the material. Plasma here then moves on to mechanically blows the molten metal. You get a hard form of material when the molten metal is blown away.

Lotus LTP8000 Plasma Cutter Features

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  • Strong and Portable
  • Non-HF
  • Warranty
  • Complete Package (items discussed below)
  • Input and Output both
  • Suitable Cutting
  • Easy-setup

The Lotos LTP8000 Plasma Cutter has a great feature of cutting out 3/5’’ (15mm) metal easily. You get portable plasma cutter when you go for this model.

The weight of this plasma cutter is only 15lbs. Portability is a blessing because when you have remote work or you are more of a freelancer sort you need tools that are portable so that you can carry the equipment in your car etc. Equipment with portability feature is often expensive or one can more be priced as compare to the ones that are hard to move.

The reason is obvious, it an extra feature or attribute added by the manufacturer keeping “Ease of use” point in mind. We find portable, high quality, ease of use and economic factor as one of the salient qualities highlighted by advertisers when they advertise products or services having the above things.

Likewise, our product has got the recognition by its users as other than durable and reliable features the portability factor becomes a plus point for the buyer. Moving further to above-mentioned input and output feature of Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp.

Lotos LTP8000 Specs

When you buy this product you get an automatic dual voltage/ dual frequency (110/12 220/240 V 50/60Hz). 3/5’’ ideal clean-cut, 20-55A DC output and 1’’ maximum severance cut under 220/240V. 20-35A DC output, ½” maximum severance cut under 110/120V. 20-35A DC output.

Lotos LTP8000 plasma cutter gives its buyers some really fine cutting especially when it comes to copper and also for alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum to mention a few.

The package we mentioned in the bullet points has the following: power supply consumables, ground clamp, pre-installed NPT ¼” Industry type D plus and also Air filter regulator. The story does not end here you also get Nlowback Non-HF start cutting torch. Talking about Non-HF, the Non-HF Blowback Start, there is no HF interference required.

The user-friendly feature makes this product more attracting. It comes in ready to use the form and you can single-handedly install this unit within one minute. The per-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plus and air filter regular allows its user/operator to connect quickly to the air compressor by using the stand coupler that is existing on your air compressor.

Lotos LTP8000 Pros and Cons

The Non-HF start torch is a blessing as it saves a user’s time with central connector that is used to connect the torch to the plasma cutter. This whole setup requires just one important minute. Perhaps the company is aware of the famous quote that time is money.

This product comes with a 30 days refund or replacement offer so you can buy it with complete confidence.

You get 1 year warranty so if anything goes wrong you can always contact the main person of the company and get your issue resolved. At times when you order  equipment online it tends to get damaged during the shipment and most of the companies do not have replacement or warranties so a complete waste of money. Lotus is aware of this issue and hence gives both warranty and guarantee with the promise of replacement as well if necessary.

  • This plasma cutter has really positive reviews as it is user-friendly. It is very easy to function and install at your work place. It has high frequency to give excellent results.
  • Major issue is that a guide book may be missing but the brand is always open to customers queries and issues so hopefully this problem is under-controlled.

Don’t think the Lotos LTP8000 is quite right for you? Check out our Best Lotos Plasma Cutters to find the right one for your needs!

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