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Mophorn 3 in 1 Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine Review

Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine (3 in 1) CT520D Multi Inverter Welder

Are you in search of a cutting tool that is multi-functional and can also perform regular repair and maintenance work as well? Did you embark on this new important project that demands or require higher cutting volume? Or someone you know needs a new option to their existing mechanical unit?

All of these reasons make it compulsory to start search on plasma cutting. With the passage of time marketers noticed a certain decrease in the cost of machines. These machines have become smaller in size and many have been replaced with portable machines. Portable machines have been a great hit as they have an advanced integrated technological benefit with them too.

They are easy to use and great to use plasma for cutting applications. Plasma cutting has various benefits such as ease of use, travel speed is fast, and higher quality cuts. But do you know what exactly Plasma cutting is? Wondering why should you even know?

It is important to know about this process before an individual proceed to make use of a welding machine. Plasma cutting is a course of action that makes use of a high-velocity jet of ionized gas which is transferred from a constricting orifice. They discussed high-velocity jet of ionized gas which is plasma conducts electricity from the torch of the plasma cutter to final work.

High-velocity jet of ionized or plasma does the job of heating the workpiece mentioned hence melting out the material. This high-velocity stream of ionized gas blows mechanically the molten metal away and the material gets severed.

Are you wondering why is there such a demand of best plasma cutter and is it retained to only specific people? Or do you need some extra expertise to deal with it? Mind it that we are speaking on benefits of a plasma cutter and how they have been spinning the whole market of machinery through the advancement of technology and other feature.

You can use this cutting machine for cutting different materials such as non-ferrous material and cutting steel. The non-ferrous material needs to be less than 1 inch thick. If you compare Oxy-fuel cutting with that of Plasma cutter, Oxy-Fuel cuts out metal stuff through oxidization or burning.

Plasma has a whole different process to cut and it is faster and gives a better quality of result in the form of non-linear cuts. The oxy-fuel is limited to steel and other ferrous for oxidation which makes. Plasma cutter is dealing with non-ferrous materials. Plasma cutting is not dependent on oxidation to function and other than metal steel it can cut aluminum and other conductive materials.

If you are looking for a welding cutter pack or plasma cutter in other words then we have Mophorn’s 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine. The reason why we chose for our study guide is it is not only affordable but Mophorn is a brand of excellence. Their products are affordable and have better features for every category. You will find quality in their diverse range of products.

Mophorn’s electric welding machine and its 3 in 1 Plasma cutter are examples of their A-plus quality. Discussed below is the product’s specifications along with their pros and cons to further better assist you and guide you in the final decision we hope you will not regret. In the end of course choice is yours. This is just a recommendation phase.

Specifications of Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine (3 in 1) CT520D Multi Inverter Welder

  • 50-amp air plasma cutter
  • 200-amp DC TIG welder
  • Cooling fan
  • Dual Frequency (110-volt 50/60Hz)/ Automatic dual voltage

Air plasma cutter is more convenient to use and this product comes with 50-amp air plasma cutter which is great for stainless steel and conductive materials. The maximum cutting thickness that this plasma cutter can give you is ½’’. The regarded welding machine has a large cooling system. Since you are cutting metals and it generates a lot of heat the built-in cooling fan system of the right size is important.

It thermostatically protects the unit and expands the life of it. Above all features stands the automatic dual voltage system so that you can deal it more easily. It is important to highlight here that despite large cooling system and dual voltage it is very necessary to take extra precautions while using it.

Get yourself a mask as a precautionary measure. Mophorn gives out free mask yellow color with one of its welding machines. Plasma cutter works great in the cutting process of stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and welding purposes also but note that aluminum is restricted to cutting only using this plasma cutter. This product is light in weight and comes at the best price. Mophorn is a trusted brand and has equipment with the advanced technology infused in them. The product we are having for you is three in one and so you can say a great package with great price to consider.

However, if you do not have any previous experience of how to operate then it is advisable to first get some learning as it can lead to severe injuries. You can use Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 200Amp Air Plasma Cutter 200A 110V Welding Machine for commercial purposes even. Mentioned here are some advantages and disadvantages that further helps in getting the right review of our product. They are based on previous experiences of the following plasma cutter by Mophorn.

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  • This plasma cutter can function on dual Frequency (110-volt 50/60Hz)/ Automatic dual voltage
  • Works with lesser noise i.e. environment friendly and no fear of noise pollution. Hence, your nearby people will not be bothered.
  • High performance and ease of use


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  • It is missing onto the pilot arc
  • Mobility can be difficult.


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