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Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

For the study guide, we have Hobart Handler 210 MVP review. Hobart is a brand that has wide range of welders, equipment and related accessories. This product is a 210 MVP plasma cutter i.e. multi-voltage plasma/welder. It is the only Hobart welder that can operate on 210 A of power even with a portable case.

You can use this plasma machine to create powerful, durable, reliable results. Hobart is famous for its reputation to give out fine-cutting machinery which has high rate of durability and great when it comes to affordability. It is “people’s brand” in other words.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

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Hobart 210 MVP Review – Specifications

  1. Company: Hobart
  2. Model: 210 MVP MIG HANDLER
  3. Height Of this Product: 12-3/8 inches
  4. Length: 19-1/2 inches.
  5. Width: 10-5/8 inches
  6. Duty Cycle Work: 20 percent at 90A
  7. Input Voltage: 115/ 230 V
  8. Type of Process: MIG, Flux Core
  9. Product Weight: 79lb.
  10. Thickness (Weld): 24 ga.- 3/8 inches
  11. Wire Feed Range Speed: 40-680 IPM
  12. The Welding Amperage Range 115V: 25-140 A
  13. The Welding Amperage Range 230V: 25-210A

Usability of the Hobart 210 MVP

To begin with, the usability of comprises of 210 V which comes with right settings in the ready to use form. It can weld up to 24 gauge straight up to 3/8 inch mild steel in just single go. The power voltage of 210 can be made used for a diverse range of applications including construction, auto-body, and household repair and boat jobs. The perfect wire feed speed range and the control lets you get maximum control for adjusted high-quality arc performance. It will be with less spatter and cleanup.

Power Capability

The Multi-Voltage Plasma is specifically designed for maximum versatility to help you get high-quality welding results. This is one of the best feature offered by Hobart for any welder to operate. This feature lets the operator works on dual input voltage each one separately. You can with ease attach two separate input voltage. It will function just like any regular voltage. If you intend to unscrew in and swap the voltage to function at 230V this is also then possible.

You are at free will to select seven different voltage positions for 230V and for 115V you get four different voltage settings. The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder has a power output with range from 25A to 210A at 230A also 25A to 140A at 115V. This lets you have a duty cycle of 20 percent at 90A (115V) and 30 percent at 150A (230V).


Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder has weight 79 pounds hence making it a heavy unit. When you go to purchase this product in the market then you might be required to purchase or get yourself a wheeled cart to transport the equipment. On other side, this lets the operator get some room in order to store all cables and also gas cylinder.


As far as price is concerned. Of course, it is first most and important concern of any buyer. This plasma cutter is a lot economical and cheaper than the 230 and is by any means not that great in terms of performance. Taking concern of all the features and attributes that this very plasma cutter possesses it is fair price-wise. The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder also comes with an industrial warranty of 5/3/1. Thus, if any of the machinery parts breaks down then you know you will get a repair or replacement (if needed) free of cost.

Hobart 210 MVP Features

  • It has internal storage area
  • 5-foot gas hose for ease
  • Thermal overload and motor protection to ensure safety for the user
  • Dual gauge regulator
  • Control panel which is sloped
  • Installation or setup chart for weld along with guidelines to choose right settings
  • Cast Aluminum drive system
  • 10-foot MIG welding gun
  • The four-position voltage control at 115V
  • The seven-position voltage control at 230V
  • 230V and 115V multi-voltage plug for power source flexibility

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  • You get an infinite control on wire feed speed
  • Easy and quicker releaser tension for changings
  • Perfect for a wide range of projects


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  • It is heavy and hence requires a cart to move.


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Hobart 210 MVP Review – Conclusion

This Hobart 210 MVP review has hopefully fulfilled the necessary details that need to be kept in mind while purchasing any welding machine or a plasma cutter. The above-mentioned pros and cons are taken as concluded results deduced from the reviews of previous users of Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder.

Quality with the price is what a consumer generally looks for and it can come in the form of a package for a Hobart user. It just depends on how you use. If we generally compare this product from that of other welding/plasma cutting machines that brands are offering we will find Hobart giving a durable trusted welding machine. Most of the packages do not have an instruction booklet in them. This makes it difficult for first-time users.

However, it is better not to test your skills totally if you do not have any prior experience of using a welding machine. Our Hobart Handler 210 MVP plasma cutter is perfect for commercial purposes as well. So if you have signed up any upcoming important project then also you can consider this product.

The warranty serves as a blessing. It does happen often that some damages in the final product delivered through suppliers reach the purchaser. People have complained in the past that when they ordered their product, while shipping some dents or issues occurred and they could not do anything about it because of no warranty. Hence, either losing the machine or using a second-hand looking plus functioning plasma cutter would come under their purchase.

It is important to take care of general safety concerns and also to keep the machine clean. The technology infused in it has made cleanliness easy.

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