Review: Lotos LTP5000D Red vs Brown Discussed with Spec

Today we’re reviewing the Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter. As we know that ever since the construction business took boom the related necessary accessories and plasma/welding cutters businesses have risen too. Many companies have come forward to play their role in this regard.

Companies capable of producing welding machines and plasma cutters have been a total hit. In fact, this is something that is self-explanatory why people are so confused when it comes to purchasing one. Plasma cutters are not cheap and nor something that is one-time use products.

You have to be very careful with what type of a cutting machine you are looking for keeping your work demand at front.

Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets for Brown Color LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D

To assist you with your final decision we have lotos plasma cutter review guide. For our review, we have Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets for Brown Color LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D. There is no doubt in the fact that it is the best lotos plasma cutter consumable sets for brown color.

Lotos is a name of Excellency. It is a brand that has always been considerate in producing and understanding what their customers need. The most special thing about Lotos company’s products is that their welding machines come with warranty.

Warranty gives a very different peace of mind to every purchaser especially when it comes to online order. Know that people have a complaint about getting products with technical faults and due to no warranty policy by the company their triple dollar figure product or purchase went into vain. This will not happen if you go to Lotos Technology.

Lotos ltp5000d red vs brown Review

Lotos Ltp5000d was earlier introduced in red color and now the Brown Version has upgraded PC Board with Digital Display so not a big difference between Red and Brown Plasma cutter only a few things pre-installed regulator and upgraded torch have been updated in the brown version.

Indeed the facts demonstrate that as far back as technology has changed our lives it has changed how organizations are running businesses. Diverse brand selling using different techniques to promote their businesses, all those campaigns, and videos uploaded on social forums to name a few.

They (the companies) make recordings and utilize social advertising strategies. When I state recordings I am plainly alluding to YouTube and Daily Motion however for the most part YouTube.

There are a huge number of “how to utilize” “how to unpack” type recordings thus individuals currently have some learning about the entire plasma cutting procedure. These recordings are not simple but rather they do give some “this is just a piece of cake” thoughts regarding the procedure.

Although Individuals have learned a lot from all these tutorials and ways of utilizing strategies for a welding machine or a plasma shaper yet a wise knows not to be totally reliant on them. It is critical to note here that not all plasma cutters that those paid-hosts shows have proficient and exact cutting.

You must be cautious while obtaining a welding machine since they cost $500 generally and achieve triple dollars figure all around effectively. Presently comes our part, to direct you with the correct sort of a plasma cutter so you would not make unplanned decision because of the influence of those videos and regret later. This guide talks a standout amongst the best plasma cutting machine Lotos named as Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets for Brown Color LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D.

Specialists are of the view that the choice of a reliable plasma may be a tricky part on the consumer’s end especially when you are an entrepreneur just beginning your career into constructing work or job where there is need of a welding machine.

A decent plasma cutting machine is expected to give out a smooth and clean cut with no opportunity of un-even edges showing wasteful work. It is because of the way that how well slicing is done through electrically conductive materials like treated steel and the aluminium.

Product Description

This is an excellent product for you with all the necessary details. When you go to purchase best Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets for Brown Color LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D you are basically signing up for a compact plasma cutter with a handle.

This handle is great to enhance the portability feature of the product. Portability is nowadays, a basic requirement for every engineer working remotely and having fieldwork that requires traveling a lot. Do not worry this plasma cutter has a handle to make carrying easy for you and not only this it will use the non-hazardous compressed air cut aluminum, copper, stainless steel alloy steel and mild steel.

The next thing worth discussing is the pilot arch. The pilot arch is really promising in terms of working efficiently. It cuts through rusty surfaces, rough and painted along with making sure to minimize slag as much as possible. One cannot ignore the PAPST advanced German cooling system.

The PAPST advanced German cooling system makes this lotos plasma cutter welder as the best lotos plasma cutter 2019 and so making up to top lotos plasma cutter reviews. The MOSFET transistor mentioned above does the job of producing a uniform output.

This is to enable cutting of thin metal and hit the high power output for cutting thick metal with ease. The dual voltage capability is a great feature not just for this unit but for all-electric equipment as you are not limited to work on just one output.

You get dual options to choose from which is great in every manner. The Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets for Brown Color LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D lets the machine to operate directly on 220V 50/60 Hz power, or on 110V 50/60 Hz. It is done with the use of a pigtail. Note here that the pigtail is sold separately


  • Portable
  • Pilot Arc
  • MOSFET transistor
  • Dual Voltage capability
  • Plasma Torch
  • Ground clamp
  • Cable
  • Air regulator
  • Air hose
  • Air hose connections
  • 50 Amp Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutter
  • Automatic Dual Voltage/Dual Frequency (110/220V 50/60Hz)

Benefits of Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables Sets

  • Comes with 50Amp Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutter
  • You get multiple items such as air hose connections, air regulator, ground clamp and air hose
  • Automatic dual voltage facility


Understanding air hose connections may sound difficult in the beginning.

  • Pros number one
  • Pros number two
  • Pros number three
  • Cons number one
  • Cons number two
  • COns number three


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