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Review: Mophorn 50Amp Portable Plasma Cutter And Welder 110V/220V

Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine CUT50F Inverter Digital Plasma Welding Machine (50 AMP 110V/220V)

Construction companies, business-persons, individuals and related professionals all are in search of a better tool to assist in their work where there is a need for plasma cutter or in other words a welding machine. Are you too looking for a cutting item for your occasional maintenance or repair work?

Or did you just signed up a mega project where you require to quit your old plasma cutter and need a more smoothly-working cutting machine?

When I say smoothly working my major focus is “noise” and “ease of use”. Cutting of steel and alike materials with more efficiency and lesser noise pollution. These are not out of the box demands but rather what a professional or a resident for his daily work would want in a cutting machine.

Ever since technology has taken up our life completely the cost of certain machines have fluctuated. The reason is that before there was a lot of manual work required to operate even a single unit machine but now it is more about a few pushing of buttons and a click here and there.

Also with technology advancement and increasing population and their demands likewise companies have been focusing more than necessary on “what size” should our product be, regardless of the industry for that matter. Portable small-sized electric machines are what the market now demands. The user-friendly technology with maximum usage and benefits.

To mention, smartphone and other home accessories that have digitalized are not only in the race. There are brands or manufacturers of plasma cutting machine that are in the race too. You will find a different cutting machine electrically run with fully digital system infused into them.

Now heading back to where we started from, looking for a plasma cutter? For review, we have budget plasma cutter that is just the right product for you.

Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine CUT50F Inverter Digital Plasma Welding Machine is what we are going to discuss here. Here you will find a detailed review of the product along with salient features.

The detailed talk on this very product shall be enlightening product design to better select the right kind plasma welding machine. You can find pros and cons for quick glance on the functionality of Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter. Plasma cutting comes with not user-friendly features but can give great quality cuts and really fast travel speeds to you.

Features of Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Welding Machine:

  • Wide Applications
  • Safety Protection
  • 35MM Cutting Thickness
  • High Efficient
  • Pilot Arc

Mentioned above are features that have been added to the cutting machine by Mophorn. To understand them we shall explain each feature separately so that it can be easy to get detailed review of what feature has which function to perform or how one works differently from the other?

Before I proceed to explain the design allow me to highlight the affordability of this product. You can find Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine CUT50F Inverter Digital Plasma Welding at a very reasonable rate.

Other brands can hit up to $1000 but Mophorn has lesser price and same or in some cases more featured items to offer to its clients. To begin with, The Pilot arch attribute cuts efficiently through rusty, rough and painted surfaces and makes sure to produce very less or no slag. This technology lets its user cut without touching or bothering the tip of the metal. It cuts through really well and hence the quality is not compromised.

Also, the higher cutting quality ensures longer life of the metal and you can use it well. Speaking of the current it produces or works on. This device can give out max 100Amp output current.

It is highly efficient with step-less adjustable. This comes with an LCD display with 60% of high duty circle. The voltage compensation to deal is +/-15% of electricity fluctuation. Furthermore, the Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Portable Plasma Welder Plasma Cutting Machine has an advanced form of inverter technology that is capable of inverting 85% with efficiency.

Lower power consumption saves from high electricity bill along with PWM controlled output constituent. Welding or cutting of metals are no kids play nor it is something that can be experimented at home without assistance or prior experience. If you are an old professional worker aware of its does and don’t even then it is important to not to ignore or forget safety protections.

The fire sparks coming out while metal is being cut may get into your eyes or the gas smell may be dangerous for your lungs too. Keeping the safety factor in front this brand comes out with over-heat, over-current, over-pressure and IP21 level protection. With the purchase of this product, you also get an air regulator at back which has an easy to adjust air pressure.

Metal cutting up to 1-35mm thickness is part of the package deal of this product. You get a faster cutting speed with which you have to be careful, less noise and smooth cut surface. Noise attribute is relatively an important thing to consider. Often these cutting material processes are way too noisy.

Not only they harm your own ears and decreases your listening power but also disturbs the entire neighborhood as the sound is really loud and piercing to ears. It is a multipurpose Digital Plasma Welding Machine which can cut most of the metals like alloy, aluminum. Stainless steel, carbon steel, and mild steel. You can use the product for repair and maintenance work, automotive, ducting work, manufacture, metal processing, and site work, etc.

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  • The cutting machine can process on dual voltage i.e. 110V and 220V.
  • Advanced inverter technology.
  • No noise and smooth faster cutting


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  • Missing information on how to install the power plug.


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