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Top 11 Best Plasma Cutter Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Plasma Cutter 2020 Reviews
Best Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for Best Plasma Cutters and you are confused about which one to buy? Don’t worry we have collected Top 11 Best Plasma Cutters in this article and with all the respect you can read the reviews in detail as well.

Plasma Cutters are Essential in Welding Industry so this is a good idea to get a perfect product with amazing features.

Tools make our life easier and if we want to grow and make things better then we have to use best Tools to get the best results.

Plasma Cutters are really important when it comes to Welding so in this article you will have a detailed guide about it and all of your fears will be cleared.

Here we are going to check,

Top 11 Best Plasma Cutter Reviews

Image Product Details    
lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter Lotus LTP5000D (Best For Beginners) – Great starter machine
– Good value for money
– Very portable
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cordlessblower Primeweld CUT60 (Great versatility for Beginners) – Cooling system allows nonstop running.
– Cutting capacity of up to 60 amps.
– 120V or 240V power source.
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cordlessblower ZENY DC Inverter  – Its cut is fast and clean.
– Has a very decent finish.
– 10kg in weight.
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cordlessblower Goplus CUT-50 Electric – It supports dual voltage; 110V and 220V.
– It is built with inverter technology
– Its body is weatherproof and it is ideal for rugged use.
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cordlessblower SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter (Great quality for money) – It is useful for both home and industrial use.
– This compact machine has protection pilot for safety.
– It does not release a large amount of toxic gases.

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cordlessblower VIVOHOME DC Inverter Plasma Cutter (Best Affordable) – It has dual voltage operation.
– It can cut metal thickness between 1 to 12mm.
– MOSFET technology.
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cordlessblower Hobart 500564 Airforce (Top Rated) – A light weight machine and easy to move project to project.
– No need to buy any external air compressor.
– It has a pilot arc which helps the cutter have an easier start.
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HITBOX Plasma Cutter – It is very light in weight
– Very compact.
– Can slice metal as thick as 12mm.
– It has a clear digital display.
– Impressive customer care service.
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Biltek 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter (Best Portable & Easy Setup) – It can cut 12mm thick metal easily with accuracy.
– You will find a standard US 110VPlug.
– High cutting performance.
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Amico CUT-50 (Great for Professionals) – Stylish and advanced designed machine.
– Automatic dual voltage 110V/240V.
– Best for small projects and portable machine.
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Mophorn 50Amp – It is a CE certified machine.
– It can cut maximum 12mm thick metal.
– Advanced inverter technology is used in its manufacturing.
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1. Lotus LTP5000D – Best For Beginners

These lotos machines are commonly known as Chinese products and are very famous due to their work quality and lesser price. Here we will just discuss best low-cost plasma cutter Lotos LTP5000D, with great cutting quality matching closely to a more expensive machine’s work.

Qualities which are making it best overall:

Lotos LTP5000D is a machine which is useful for nonprofessional setups, especially for home use. Whenever you decide to buy the best plasma cutter for home, you must consider the consumables that your machine will use. This machine can cut rough, painted and corroded surfaces and is able to cut thin metal. It has dual voltage competency so the machine can run on 220V50/60 Hz.

This machine comes with a one year warranty so you can feel at ease the second you buy the machine.

If your machine deceives you under of that one year mark then you can claim this product. Lotos has been around for a good while now and has sold a ton of machines and has great customer service.

It is suitable for alloy steel, mild steel, copper aluminum, and stainless steel as well. It has the ability to cut 1/2” thickness of the item. Moreover, it has the worlds best cooling system, PAPST Advanced German cooling system.

Let us take a look at some pros and cons of Lotos LTP5000D:


  • On the low price, it is one of the best plasma cutters out there for quality of price.
  • Proficient machine with a one year warranty.
  • It will prove as a complete package, you will find all the qualities that you need.


  • The quality of the material which was used while designing this product may not be top of the range.
  • The spare parts may not be available in the future.
  • The torch works great but it is not able to work for a long period on rough things.

2. PRIMEWELD CUT60Best for Beginners

Here we are going to discuss a premium and rugged plasma cutter having high specifications. So read about this machine if you want to find the best plasma cutters.

It is very reliable and it will do its job according to your requirements. Before buying any plasma cutter you need to know its characteristics.

Definitive Plasma Cutter:

It can cut up to 1/2” with the maximum thickness 3/4”. You can use this 50 Amp Digital Air Inverter Plasma Cutter on an industrial level, at home, construction work and you can use it as a hobby as well.

Make an accurate cut:

It has automatic dual voltage 110v and 220v. You can cut alloy steel, copper aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and many other metal materials that are conductive.

This is truly portable:

If you want any portable best plasma cutter for metal art, which you can easily move from place to place and project to project, this is the perfect item for you. This is an amazing and best plasma cutter for the price that wont break the bank. You wont regret getting this high-quality product.

Professional designed:

This product is designed by professionals, and it makes it a high-quality product which is perfect for metalwork and can make any shape. Due to its design, it is an optimized product based on the art MOSFET transistors.

Warranty and Reliability:

If you are wanting to know the most recent best plasma cutters on the market, then take a look at best plasma cutter reviews of 2023, this will help you out from any confusion. PRIMEWELD premium & rugged plasma cutter has many reviews about its warranty and reliability. This is highly reliable and holds 3-year warranty.

Used for professional and home:

PRIMEWELD plasma cutter is using in rugged industries and construction areas because this plasma cutter has the quality of being less of a fire hazard and provides a cleaner cut. You can buy it for home as well as for professional use because it is perfect for any project.


  • It is a high-frequency plasma cutter which can cut faster with low distortion.
  • This is an automatic 110/220 volt dual voltage product. You can use it with a very friendly carrying handle which can cut quickly and easily.
  • You can move its torch trigger for a custom outfit and it can be used in finger and thumb positions.


  • For safety reasons, the Primeweld CUT60 can only be used for 60% of the time before it takes a 4-minute break.
  • This plasma cutting application does not have a pilot arc function, which can make it challenging to initiate a cut in some materials.
  • Although effective, the Primeweld CUT60 is more costly than some other plasma cutters on the market.

3. ZENY DC Inverter  – Best Plasma Cutters For professionals

Here is another plasma cutter called one of the best plasma cutters which can fulfill all your needs in cutting. Let’s talk about ZENY DC inverter plasma cutter dual voltage cutting machine.

Here a few specifications of this best plasma cutter:

  • Its weight is 10kg.
  • It has 85% efficiency with 60% duty cycle.
  • The current range of ZENDI DC inverter plasma cutter is 20-50A with rated input current 24A.
  • It has an IP21 protection class with 0.4 air pressure.
  • It has 5.5KVA power supply capacity.
  • It has an Arc striking touch model with 49*40*28* (cm) packing dimensions.
  • Its power factor is 0.93 with power supply voltage 110/60Hz.
  • It’s maximum cutting thickness is 1-12mm.

With Deal:

You will get many other related items along with the deal of ZENY DC inverter plasma cutter, you can say it is a complete package for a low price. Here is the list of items:

  • Chipping Hammer
  • 2pcs x hoop
  • 1pc x English Manual
  • Wire Brush
  • 1pc x AIR Regulator
  • 2pcs x Plasma Tip
  • 1pcs x PG Head
  • Welding Face Mask
  • 1pc x Goggles
  • 1pc x cutting torch LG-40
  • 1pc x earth clamp
  • 1pc x Pressure decreasing valve
  • 2pcs x gas pipe clasper

Let us discuss its common pros and cons, these points will help your decision easier to decide what kind of plasma cutter will be better for your requirements. Here are some pros and cons of ZENY DC inverter plasma cutter.


  • Its cut is fast and clean.
  • Its finish is very decent.
  • 10kg in weight.


  • Its torch button is too small always missed when you are wearing gloves.
  • Ground wire and power cable are short.
  • In almost all products the air regulator leaks from somewhere.

4. Goplus CUT-50 Electric -Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter

In the Goplus series of plasma cutters, you can find some very affordable products which can be useful on a shoestring budget. One of them is the Goplus CUT50 Plasma Cutter.

Goplus CUT50 Plasma Cutter

Goplus CUT50 plasma cutter is an electric digital plasma cutter inventor which is light in weight and performance-wise very reliable. If you want a unit for home-based projects then this product is very helpful for you.

Goplus CUT50 Plasma Cutter’s Qualities:

You can buy this plasma cutter at a low price and it is used for DIY and entry-level users. In this compact unit, you will find a lot of power and construction inventor technology used within. You can say it is a small unit with powerful functionality of up to 30% more efficiency.

It is a lightweight machine which is equipped with handles and very impressive in design. Because of its low weight, you can carry it from project to project no matter how far away it is. It has the ability to work on extremely tough conditions and never gets effected by humidity as high as 80%.

Most of the best plasma cutters work either 110V or 220V but this Goplus cutter can work with both 110V and 220V. You can use it in a temperature range of -10 and +40 degrees. It can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy steel and various type of conductive metals.


  • It supports dual voltage; 110V and 220V.
  • It is built with inverter technology and small in size with powerful performance.
  • Its body is weatherproof and it is ideal for rugged use.


  • This machine does not have any pilot arc.
  • If you want high mobility then the 6-foot cord is not enough.

5. SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter  – Best For the Money

You might want a perfect plasma cutter in every respect with affordable price, then here is a complete description of SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter.

You can use this machine for professional cutwork. It is very lightweight machine with a compact design. It works well in different fields like maintenance services, repairing metal materials, site work, and ducting work, etc.

You can use it easily because it has a comprehensive manual, which can help you with the installation process. Its voltage range is between 110V and 220V. It uses the electron circuit for giving an endless output of current.

It cuts smoothly and uses PWM technology. The most important thing about this plasma cutter is that it has a digital LED display. It provides 1.8 times more cutting speed than others.

You can use it in different areas of professional field but it is best for following applications:

  • Automotive
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Light industrial usage


  • Great price to performance quality.
  • This compact design machine has protection pilot for safety of the user.
  • It does not release a large amount of toxic gases
  • Digital LED Display


  • Not a good instruction book or customer service.
  • Comes with no power plug in the package
  • Bad quality torch.

6. VIVOHOME DC Inverter Plasma Cutter – Cheap Affordable 

Like other plasma cutters, VIVOHOME DC Inverter Plasma Cutter has the great ability to cut metal with a clean and smooth cut.

This plasma cutter is designed and constructed with most advanced inverter technology. It has a fast cutting speed and high cutting ability. It can cut metal material up to 12mm thickness.

One of the best features of this plasma cutter machine is that it steps up the 50 Hz frequency to over 100 kHz. So, it is useful for wide applications.

Along with these features, it has rectification current, inverter power supply generator, powerful DC welding current which is generated with inverter power supply and step down voltage.

Some additional and interesting features:

When inverter technical switch power is in use, then the weight of the main transformer will be reduced and efficiency of work is increased by 30%. According to the principle of high frequency, piloting arc system can strike arc easily. It has another ability that it can supply and turn off-gas.

If you want this plasma cutter in a deal then it will be very beneficiary for you because you can get a lot of additional useful gadgets along with it like:

  • A cutting torch LG-40
  • An earth clamp
  • A fine AIR Regulator
  • Welding Face Mask for your safety
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Goggles are also for your safety
  • Two pieces of Plasma Tip
  • A PG Head
  • Two pieces of gas pipe clasper
  • Two hoops
  • English Manual
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Wire Brush

All these items are perfectly useful for you while working with any plasma cutter, so try to avail deals for the plasma cutters.


  • It has dual voltage operation
  • You will find different safety materials with it for your safety.
  • It can slice material of any kind of metal thickness between 1 to 12mm.
  • You can set the frequency at your required and desired range with the help of MOSFET technology.
  • You will find it very fast when you are working on any project.


  • One thing you will find it that it never comes with a user manual.
  • Its regulator doesn’t have any hose.

7. Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma Cutter -Top Rated

Whenever you want to buy the best plasma cutter just consider a few things like versatility in cutting, safety system, durability and the construction of the design. All these things make a cutter perfect or not a useful machine. Here we are going to tell you about a best plasma cutter with all these useful specifications.

Yes, we are talking about the one and only Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter. Without any delay let us check its specifications which make its position stronger than others.

Cutting ability:

It can almost cut all metal materials with different thickness, like brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel and etc. It does its work efficiently, smartly and cuts mild steel of ¼’’.


It is a lightweight machine but has an extraordinary and powerful cutting performance. It cuts smoothly and smartly.


It has a great post-flow air cooling system, the torch and tip of the machine cools quickly. It is built with troubleshooting indicators which alerts of any unusual situation. Hobart 12ci has a LED light as an indicator. It has a dust removal fan which works and reduces the amount of dust particles.

It has another interesting feature, the machine will automatically shut down in the rugged work environment. It also works fine when the machine is overheated. It has a powerful air compressor and pilot arc as well. The XT12R torch is easy to grip and can be held comfortably.

Hobart 12ci is a great user-friendly product. The most amazing thing about this machine is that it runs on household current. You can use it for home, for business purposes and also for repair.


  • It is a light weight machine and easy to move project to project.
  • No need to buy any external air compressor.
  • Great cooling system.
  • It has a pilot arc which helps the cutter an easier start.


  • It Operates only on 120V.
  • It cannot cut thicker metals.

8. HITBOX Plasma Cutter 40A 220V Electric DC Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine 

We are now going to talk about the plasma cutter 40a inverter air plasma cutting machine. This plasma cutter gives an outstanding performance irrespective of the air pressure. It is able to work effectively and cut copper, stainless steel and aluminium. It has the great ability to cut the thick material up to 12mm. While working with this unit you will see that it provides safety to the user with its various features.

Here are some features of this best plasma cutter:

  • It has a digital display with plasma cutting torch.
  • It can cut smoothly and cleanly.
  • It is famous for its flat cut.
  • It has an accurate cutting ability.
  • It gives a stable output and its deformation is very small.
  • When external gas pressure is high it does apply its regulator gas pressure.
  • This machine has reliable grounding body.


  • It is very light in weight and compact.
  • It has the ability to slice a metal as thick as 12mm.
  • It has a clear digital display.
  • The most notable thing of this machine is that it provides you with a complete and impressive customer care service.


  • This machine does not have any external compressor.
  • It needs to be cleaned up twice in a month with compressed air.
  • You can face some error because of its manual measurement.

9. Biltek 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter-Portable & Easy Quick Setup Metal Cutter

This plasma cutter is designed by Advanced Inverter Technology and has high cutting performance. It can cut up to 1/2″ thick steel with the high performance cutting non-pilot arc torch. This plasma cutter 50AMP CUT50D DC Inverter has Dual Voltage of 110V/220V.

Let us discuss some specification of this best plasma cutter:

This blue color plasma cutter belongs to the brand “Biltek”, one of the best technical brand. Without any doubt, it will be your best choice ever due to its extraordinary accurate performance and design.

You will find a manual which guides you how to operate this cutter. The most important item is also provided in this deal, which is the cutting torch with Non-Pilot Arc torch which can enhance the performance of cut.


  • It can cut 12mm thick metal easily with accuracy.
  • You will find a standard US 110VPlug.
  • High cutting performance.


  • You must have air supply from an air compressor.
  • You will have to connect a 220V plug to reach the 50A cut specs.

10. Amico CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter – Best For Professionals

Now your search for a perfect plasma cutter with high speed may get completed because there is something new for you in plasma cutter series, which may fulfill all your requirements. Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter a new and exciting invention with a high-performance cutting torch.

This plasma cutter comes with new looks and design. It has the filter located inside the body and adjustment attached to the front of the machine. It is an advanced and unique model which is easier to use than other cutters.

50 Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter is designed with the advanced inverter technology with new digitally controlled system and high cutting performance. It is a portable machine and you can carry it project to project. It is perfect for small businesses and simple home repairing or hobby.


Its auto-voltage ability can adapt to 100-240V input power with plug adapters.

You will never waste your energy for cleaning and maintenance of this machine. It releases less noxious gases and less of a fire hazard than other cutters. Its torch has an advanced design which provides you with a comfortable grip.

Its input current range is Ac-115V/ 35.7A & AC-230V / 27.1A and cutter current range is AC-115V at 15-35A & AC-230V at 15-50A.  You will never regret after spending money on this machine because it will provide you with accurate and clean cuts with 85% efficiency.


  • No doubt in the performance and it is a perfect advanced designed machine.
  • Automatic dual voltage 110V/240V
  • Best for small projects and portable machine.


  • This plasma cutter doesn’t have a pilot arc for high voltage low current arc.
  • Not useful for larger projects.

11. Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter – (Digital Plasma Welding Machine)

What is the best plasma cutter machine? A best plasma cutter machine must have the ability to cut the metal clean and perfect with high speed. It must cut stainless steel, copper, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other all-metal materials with electric conduct.

Here we are going to tell you one of the best plasma cutters, “Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter” designed by most advanced inverter technology and it is a complete energy saver. It has the ability to support dual voltage input, 110V and 220V. It can cut the metal with its perfect plasma torch like stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

It does not matter if you are professional or a DIY user, it always provides you with perfect and professional cutting. It is very easy to use and easy to control as well. It’s cutting capacity is 1/2’’ thick metal with high speed. It has high efficiency, which means that it has the ability to provide you with smoother cuts than the other plasma cutters.

The most amazing thing that makes it reliable, is the IP21 level protection from overheating and overpressure. It has cooling heat dissipation system and a LED display also.

You can use it at home, for business purposes and as hobby because it is compact and easy to move from one place to another.


  • It is a CE certified machine.
  • It can cut maximum 12mm thick metal.
  • You can also use it even if you are a beginner user.
  • It has a manual with it.
  • Advanced inverter technology is used in its manufacturing.


  • Air may leak
  • You will have to buy an additional plug.


Well, here we have shared a few but best plasma cutters reviews for you. Now, it just depends upon your requirements what kind of cutter you want.

You will also have to look for the consumable replacement cost so that you can get an idea of the future costs. The inexpensive cutting machines can cost you more in the future so you should not be getting the inexpensive one in order to save the cost.

Now you know all the tips and tricks there are to buying the best plasma cutter for your cutting needs, don’t hesitate to explore the market. All you need to do is keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, and you’re good to go.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Plasma Cutter

Are you new to the use of plasma cutters?

Well, a plasma cutter is a tool used for cutting steel and other strong metals. It uses an inert gas blown from the nozzle at a certain level of speed, and an electric arc is thrown with the blown outgas.

As a result, gas is transformed into plasma, and a flaming torch is formed that cuts through metal easily with a single blow.

The plasma cutter is a very useful device as it contains the capability to cut strong metals with ease. A good plasma cutter can become a go-to tool of any professional or hobbyist who deals in metal every day.

With the advancement of technology, plasma cutters are now being enhanced by features and designs. When buying a plasma cutter, there are a few basic things one should consider.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Tips to Consider before Buying a Plasma Cutter

As mentioned above, plasma cutters are considered to be one of the best ways to cut through metals. If you are planning to buy the best plasma cutter, the following are some tips you should take note of.

1. Reliability

When searching for the best plasma cutter, it is important to make quality and reliability a priority. Luckily, plasma cutters do not cost a fortune.

So it’s best for you to make sure your purchase is reliable/durable and doesn’t malfunction when you’re cutting through important metal sheets. To follow the path of reliability, you must select a trusted brand. You can go for brands like Miler, Hypertherm, Lincoln, and ESAB – all can be found in any retail store.

2. Cut Rates

There are three types of cut ratings available:

  • Quality Cut – Used with thicker metals, at lower speeds
  • Rated Cut – Any thick metal can be cut at the rate of 10 IPM
  • Sever Cut – This is the maximum cut, slow and not so accurate

Now, this is the most important factor to consider before buying any kind of plasma cutter – the thickness of metal the plasma cutter can cut.

Firstly, it is important to check the maximum thickness of metal you’re about to cut and find a machine that’s compatible with it. However, if you are not sure, it’s best to buy a high cut rating for better satisfaction.

3. Air Compressor

Plasma cutters demand compressed air to develop the plasma, and this can either be delivered by a pre-installed compressor or an external air compressor.

Regardless of which type you choose, both of them will deliver awesome results, but when you choose the kind of plasma cutter you need, the choice of air compressor comes next. On the other hand, a plasma with a built-in compressor can be expensive, but it does provide the ease to manage difficult jobs with ease.

4. Pilot Arc

The pilot arc is a cutting spec that offers a stable arc with durability because you can be able to cut the metal without the tip slamming the metal.

This is a useful feature when you’re cutting rusty surfaces because you don’t have to clean the metal afterward. In addition to this, the pilot arc is a brand innovation to the world of plasma cutters.

1. What should I look for when buying a plasma cutter?

When buying a plasma cutter, there are a variety of features to look for, but the most important are:

  • Start
  • Control panel
  • Duty Cycle
  • A compressor
  • Built-in inverter
  • Portability
  • Input power/Electrical Output
  • Cutting performance and speed
  • Air supply
  • Replaceable parts
  • CNC table or free-hand usage

2. What is the best plasma cutter for money?

The best plasma cutter for money is the Lotos Plasma Cutter. The lotos machines are preferred as Chines and are well-known for their quality performance and affordable prices.

This is a reliable plasma cutter with innovative features that will do just fine while cutting hardcore metal sheets. Needless to say, it has everything you need.

3. Is plasma cutting fumes dangerous?

Without a doubt, plasma cutting is considered to be one of the most famous and easiest processes for cutting metal or steel and everything in-between. As you know, it is a thermal cutting procedure, it releases plasma cutting fumes.

Are you aware of hexavalent chromium, mostly known as hex chrome? It is a very common problem for those who daily walk with plasma cutters in their hands to fulfill stainless steel or metal surfaces.

When hex chrome is inhaled, it increases the risks of cancer. When it comes in contact with the skin, it can produce itching and sores.

So, yes, plasma cutting fumes are dangerous, but different precautionary measures can be taken to prevent the damage.

4. Do you need an air compressor for a plasma cutter?

Yes, an air compressor is needed for a plasma cutter. As the air demands for a plasma cutter will be about 4-8 SCFM at 90-120 PSI.

The basic purpose of an air compressor is to make the cutting job quicker and better, so yes, it’s a must-have.

5. What is PPE required for plasma cutting?

Regardless of the reason why you are using a plasma cutter, safety is a priority. Some potential hazards come with plasma cutting as well when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and metal fumes. It can have the following effects:

  • Eye damage
  • Cuts
  • Skin burns
  • Electrical shocks
  • Crushed toes and fingers

You can avoid these mishaps from occurring with the involvement of proper PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, as only the PPE can save you from metal fumes or other harmful releases. In addition to this, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and others.

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