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Top 8 Best Plasma Cutters of 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Top 8 Best Plasma Cutters of 2023

It’s a new year, so why not look into the best plasma cutters of 2023!? It can be challenging to narrow down all of the possibilities to the one that is best for you. The good news is that we have already done the research and identified the best plasma cutters of 2023 to make your decision a whole lot easier.

How does a Plasma Cutter work?

For cutting and forming metals of all kinds, plasma cutters are indispensable. Using an electrically conductive gas like nitrogen, they are able to transport the power from the source to the material being cut. In order to make a clean cut, this method generates a high-temperature plasma arc that melts the metal and blows away the molten material.

You can choose a plasma cutter that’s ideal for your purposes, whether you’re a professional metal craftsman or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

A Quick Overview

Image Product Details    
cordlessblower Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP – Low kerf and minimum dross
– User-friendly design
– Lightweight and small
– Automated air pressure settings
Check Price
cordlessblower Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme – Auto-Line technology
– Cutting capacity of 5/8″
– Industrial and home use
Check Price
cordlessblower Everlast 82i – Small size and light weight
– Dual voltage 120V and 240V
– Cutting-edge inverter technology

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cordlessblower Hobart Airforce 40i – Automatically adjusts to the power source’s voltage
– Sturdy design made of quality materials
– Less maintenance
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cordlessblower Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 – Maximum cutting depth of 1 1/4″
– Rugged design
– Detects correct installation of consumables and torch
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cordlessblower Primeweld CUT60 – Cooling system allows nonstop running
– Cutting capacity of up to 60 amps
– 120V or 240V power source
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lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter Lotus LTP5000D – Great starter machine
– Good value for money
– Very portable
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Lotus CT520D – Three-in-one unit
– Lightweight
– Cost effective long-term
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The 8 Best Plasma Cutters of 2023

Let’s talk about the best plasma cutters of 2023 to help you find your match.

1. Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP

When it comes to cutting, the Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP is a top choice. It may be used in either an industrial or domestic setting and is capable of easily slicing through thick metal sheets. At its fastest, this plasma cutter can cut at a rate of 20 inches per minute, and it has a maximum cutting capacity of 5/8 inches (16mm).

The Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP’s adaptability is a major benefit. All kinds of metals, from aluminum to mild steel, are no match for this plasma cutting machine. It also has a selection of torches and consumables, so the cutter can be tailored to the requirements of the user.


  • The Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP is a useful tool for metalworking due to its ability to cut and gouge a variety of metals.
  • With its low kerf and minimum dross, the Powermax 45 XP ensures clean and smooth cuts with its precise cutting.
  • The Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP doesn’t require any special training to use because of its user-friendly design and straightforward interface.


  • The Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP generates a lot of noise, which may be an issue for those who have to use it in open offices or other places where noise is a problem.
  • It may not be suitable for users with low-capacity electrical circuits as the Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP requires a high power input.
  • The machine has a limited duty cycle, which means it may require frequent rest periods to prevent overheating and prolong its lifespan.

2. Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme

The Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme is a powerful and reliable plasma cutting machine that can handle a wide range of cutting applications. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 5/8″ (16mm) and can deliver a cutting speed of 12 inches per minute.

This plasma cutter is designed for both industrial and home use and is built to last. It features a durable and rugged construction that can withstand harsh working conditions.

The Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to adjust the settings quickly.


  • Miller’s Spectrum 625 X-Treme plasma cutter is extremely adaptable, capable of slicing through a variety of metals and alloys in addition to the more commonplace aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Quickly slicing through metals, this plasma cutter is an effective tool for individuals who are pressed for time.
  • Because the 625 X-Treme is equipped with Auto-Line technology, it guarantees constant performance and exact cuts every time.


  • Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme is not a cheap tool and may be out of reach for individuals with limited funds.
  • Whilst it can cut through a broad variety of materials, the Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme has a maximum cutting thickness of only 5/8″.
  • This plasma cutting machine needs a 240V power source, which is not always readily available in the workplace.

3. Everlast 82i

The Everlast 82i’s cutting-edge inverter technology ensures a steady arc and precise control over your welds. This plasma cutter can weld many different metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and even thin gauge metals.

Yet, this is not all. The Everlast 82i’s dual voltage functionality further increases its adaptability. This machine’s adaptability to either 120V or 240V electricity means it may be utilised in a wide variety of settings, from the workshop to the construction site to the backyard.

Because of its portability and small footprint, the Everlast 82i is a great option for welders who need to take their equipment with them.


  • The Everlast 82i plasma cutter can be used to cut a wide variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass. This makes it a viable option for a wide range of uses.
  • Because of its small size and light weight, the Everlast 82i plasma cutter may be taken just about anywhere. This makes it a practical option for workers who need to transport heavy machinery between different sites.
  • The Everlast 82i plasma cutter is able to make clean, precise cuts with very little waste in the form of dross or slag. Because of this, it is an excellent option for cutting tasks that demand precision and cleanliness.


  • The Everlast 82i plasma cutter is a high-quality yet pricey instrument that may be beyond of reach for certain people. For this reason, it is the best option for experts and dedicated amateurs who can afford high-quality gear.
  • Setup for the Everlast 82i plasma cutter is complicated, especially for first-time users who lack experience with such tools. It may take more time and effort to get the tool operational because of this.
  • When compared to other plasma cutters on the market, the Everlast 82i’s cutting capability is lower. As a result, it’s not necessarily the greatest option for more involved or extensive tasks.

4. Hobart AirForce 40i

The best plasma cutter available for all your metal cutting projects! The Hobart AirForce 40i is ideally suited for efficiently and precisely cutting through any metal thanks to its robust performance and adaptable features. This machine can slice through material up to 5/8 inch thick, making short work of even the most demanding tasks.

Also, the AirForce 40i plasma cutter is quite simple to operate. Its lightweight and compact form makes it ideal for use in any workspace, and its simple, straightforward controls make it easy to set up and use.

Moreover, the AirForce 40i is built to last and backed by Hobart, a company renowned for producing high-quality metalworking tools. In order to get the highest levels of accuracy, performance, and user-friendliness in your plasma cutting, consider purchasing a Hobart AirForce 40i.


  • Hobart AirForce 40i plasma cutter’s user interface is straightforward, making it ideal for novices. There’s no need to fiddle with the settings because it automatically adjusts to the power source’s voltage.
  • The 40i is built to last, due to its sturdy design and the use of high-quality materials.
  • Less maintenance is needed for this plasma cutting application, thus it might save you time and money in the long term.


  • Due to the Hobart AirForce 40i’s lack of a pilot arc, it can be tricky to initiate cuts in some materials.
  • While the 40i leaves a tiny bevel on the margins of the cut, it is not the best instrument for detailed and precise cuts.
  • If you don’t already have an air compressor, purchasing one to power the plasma cutter will be an additional expense.

5. Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000

For heavy-duty industrial applications, consider the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter. Its maximum cutting depth is 1 1/4″ (32mm), and its maximum cutting speed is 25 in/min.

The rugged construction of this plasma cutting machine makes it perfect for industrial cutting tasks. Additionally, it offers a simple user interface that enables speedy configuration. The consumables on the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 may be swapped out with a few clicks of a button, making it a breeze to keep in working order. For extra safety Lincoln’s Parts-in-Place system detects correct installation of consumables and the torch.


  • The Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 is an extremely potent plasma cutter that can swiftly and cleanly slice through a wide range of metals. It can slice through materials up to an inch thick, thanks to its 100-amp maximum power.
  • The Tomahawk 1000 is made by Lincoln Electric, which is known for creating high-quality welding and cutting equipment. It’s sturdy metal structure means it can handle the rigorous conditions of a professional garage.
  • This plasma cutting machine may be used to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper, among other metals. For this reason, it can be used for a wide range of cutting tasks.


  • A high-end plasma cutter like the Tomahawk 1000 will cost you a high-end price. That makes it potentially unaffordable for consumers on limited budgets.
  • A large machine, Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 clocks in at nearly 60 pounds. Because of this, getting around the garage is cumbersome, and you might need extra help transporting things.
  • The Tomahawk 1000, like most plasma cutters, makes a high-pitched whine while in use. Those who are easily distracted by noise or who must work in close quarters with others may find this problematic.

6. Primeweld CUT60

Primeweld CUT60, the pinnacle plasma cutting application, easily produces top-notch, precise cuts thanks to its slashing MOSFET transistor technology. Metals like stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and even painted surfaces will be no match for your blade.

The CUT60’s powerful cooling system guarantees nonstop running, allowing you to put in long hours with no breaks. This plasma cutter is suitable for use in the field or in the workshop because to its portability and lightweight construction.

Since the cutting current is variable, the cutting speed and strength may be tailored to suit the needs of any task. A digital control panel makes it simple to keep tabs on the cutting process and make adjustments as needed.


  • The Primeweld CUT60 is ideal for sawing through thicker materials because of its high cutting capacity of up to 60 amps.
  • This plasma cutting machine has the convenience of being able to be operated with either a 120V or 240V power source, making it suitable for a wide variety of workplaces.
  • The Primeweld CUT60 is a tiny and lightweight plasma cutter, making it simple to move from one location to another in a garage or on a construction site.


  • For safety reasons, the Primeweld CUT60 can only be used for 60% of the time before it takes a 4-minute break.
  • This plasma cutting application does not have a pilot arc function, which can make it challenging to initiate a cut in some materials.
  • Although effective, the Primeweld CUT60 is more costly than some other plasma cutters on the market.

7. Lotos LTP5000D

The Lotos LTP5000D is a high-quality plasma cutter that is designed for home and light industrial use. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 1/2″ (12mm) and can deliver a cutting speed of 10 inches per minute.

Because of its small size and lightweight, Lotos LTP5000D may be taken just about anywhere. In addition to being able to switch between 110V and 220V, making it suitable for a variety of cutting applications, it has a dual voltage capability. The Lotos LTP5000D is great for newbies because of its intuitive UI.


  • The Lotos LTP5000D boasts versatile cutting capabilities, easily slicing through stainless steel, aluminium, and mild steel. Being able to cut through metal up to 1/2 in. thick and sever through metal up to 3/4 in. thick makes it a useful tool for many applications.
  • This plasma cutting machine is one of the most reasonably priced options available. As a result, it is a great choice for individuals on a tighter budget who need precise cutting without sacrificing quality.
  • Due to its small size and light weight, Lotos LTP5000D is a portable plasma cutter. Because of how it’s made, it’s convenient to transport to various construction sites and compact enough to fit in tight locations.


  • Several users have complained about the Lotos LTP5000D’s subpar quality control, claiming that their devices arrived damaged or missing parts. Those that require their product to function properly out of the box may find Lotos’ one-year warranty and customer assistance annoying.
  • The Lotos LTP5000D can only be used at 60% of its maximum amperage owing to its limited duty cycle. This plasma cutting machine’s necessity for a 4-minute break after every 6-minute burst of use at full capacity is a potential downside for certain people.
  • While the Lotos LTP5000D is perfect for do-it-yourselfers and home workshops, it probably isn’t up to the task of withstanding the rigours of an industrial setting. It is not ideal for constant industrial use due to its low cutting capacity and duty cycle.

8. Lotos CT520D

The Lotos CT520D plasma cutter is a versatile three-in-one unit that may be used for welding, cutting, and a number of other purposes. It has a 50Amp plasma cutting feature that can slice through a variety of metals up to 1/2 in. 

In addition, it’s simple to change settings from DC TIG Welder to DC Stick Welder. This 32-pound plasma cutting machine is convenient because it can be carried easily in one hand and has a duty cycle of 60% at maximum amps throughout all processes.


  • The Lotos CT520D is a versatile equipment that can be used for three distinct types of welding and cutting: plasma cutting, TIG welding, and stick welding. Because of this, it may be used by both amateurs and professionals.
  • The CT520D is a portable machine because of how light and small it is. Moreover, it has a carry handle for convenience.
  • The Lotos CT520D can help you save money in the long term because it is more cost-effective than purchasing multiple machines for different types of welding and cutting.


  • The Lotos CT520D’s versatility is matched by its adaptability, although its limited power may prevent it from being used in demanding industrial settings. Certain projects may exceed its cutting and welding capabilities of 1/2 ” and 3/8 “, respectively.
  • The lack of a foot pedal for TIG welding on the Lotos CT520D may be an inconvenience for some welders.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for the Lotos CT520D, however this may not be enough time for some customers.

Now it’s up to you!

We have provided you with what we think are the best plasma cutters of 2023. There are several great machines out there on the market. Our all time favourite machine is the industry recognised Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP because of its updated technology, ease of use, high quality consumables and durability.

We also feel that the Lotus LTP5000D is a great machine for those just starting out or wanting to get in the game. It is a great value for money machine, with excellent features and power, and has all-round user satisfaction.

If you want to see guides on using plasma cutters go to our plasma cutter Quick Guides page.

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