Goplus CUT 50 Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V Review


Today we’re reviewing the Goplus Cut 50 Plasma Cutter. But first, why would you want a plasma cutter in the first place?

Thinking of fixing some fences around your home? As street crime news have been a lot lately right? Have some plans to build your dog house but need some welding to do it? It is not an easy task and requires some prior skill and right selection of tools to do the job.

The second definition of right tool is getting it from the right kind of brand. For you, we have Goplus brand and its famous Goplus CUT-50 Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V Dual Voltage Welder Cutting.  Before we proceed to our description let’s have a quick go through on what is a Plasma Cutter? And what is Plasma? Let’s have a look at plasma welding and learn more about it as well as plasma itself.Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V Dual Voltage Welder Cutting with Free Mask (Yellow)


What is Plasma Welding?

It is basically a process that involves cutting using electrically conductive materials as a medium. Plasma cutting process involves where these materials become accelerated jet of hot plasma. The materials we are discussing are gone through plasma torch. Just for the sake of information, plasma is a fourth matter.

Like we all studied in our Science classes about liquid, gas and solid being three stages of matter, plasma ranks fourth.

More to add in knowledge of plasma cutting. It is more seen for automotive repair and restoration, salvage, scrapping operations, and fabrication shops. Materials that plasma torch assists in cutting through are brass, copper, stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Plasma cutting is quite famous in industrial CNC applications at large scale and also among hobbyist shops.

This is due to the high speed and brief cuts that are combined with cost plasma. Goplus takes pride in producing high-efficiency products that are very handy for both family and commercial purposes. Their products stand out in the market. To continue with our whole plasma welding process then in easiest words, it is an economical process and so is the tool plasma cutter inverter that too with digital technology infused. Here we have Best plasma cutter 2019 and mentioned below are salient features.


Detailed Description of Goplus CUT-50 Plasma Cutter

First main features of the Goplus CUT 50 Plasma Cutter:

  • Dual Voltage
  • Application Environment
  • Special Function
  • Inverter Technical
  • Portable Handle

Dual voltage is an important feature of this electric digital plasma cutter. The reason is that this ability lets the plasma cutter to function at 110V or 220V with a power of 60HZ. Be careful while dealing with such a voltage. Do not touch the plasma cutter with wet hands.

Application environment being another interesting feature lets your Goplus CUT-50 Plasma Cutter be used in outside temperature to as less as -10 degrees to 40 and above degrees with the maximum humidity hitting 80%! Use the equipped portable handle to pick your welding cutter and move it wherever you want to. A complete package it is.

The Special Function here helps plasma cutter to function or facilitate the supply gas ahead and switch off the gas in case of delay. Inverter Technical is a technology that is of great use to the plasma cutter under discussion. By adopting the inverter technical of switch power the plasma is able to reduce the dimensions and weight of main transformer.

Not only gets this, using the inverter technology the efficiency increased by 30%. In addition to the Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter, the plasma arc creation starts when a form of gas such as argon, nitrogen, oxygen or regular air enters the torch by using small nozzle orifice. Using external power supply an electric arc comes into being and is then inserted or pushed down to high pressured gas flow.

This results in what is commonly called as plasma jet. The plasma jet hikes up to 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature hence making way through the item and doing the job of blowing away the molten.

Goplus Plasma Cutter does not only compromise on quality and the efficiency in services but also has no space to compromise on the safety of its users. To assure maximum safety as much as possible the Goplus CUT-50 Plasma Cutter package comes with a free Mask in yellow color. No matter how much superman you are, these processes are risky for human body.

It is important to wear a mask before using the equipment. Welding does not only requires skill but precautions from beginning to end. There have been cases reported where people have hurt their eyes and even worse have hit their head by losing focus while construction work. So keeping this in mind when you go for this product by Goplus you get to get a yellow color free mask. Yellow is more of a “work in process” type of color and its more appropriate in uniforms and engineering work-related activities. Plus it goes with most of the other colors hence do not worry no one is ruining your fashion sense.

In case you have zero experience in welding cutting and really not good with electric gadgets then it is highly recommended to seek assistance from the one who do have some dos and don’ts tips to apply. Your job, however, will be to arrange an extra mask for your person which might cost you a few dollars.

When the plasma cutter is doing its job a certain heat level increases repeatedly, this gives birth to gases which create steam. The steam is then ionized and electrically conductive thus producing much-needed plasma. A plasma cutter shall be using this electrically conductive gas to deport energy all the way from power supply to the conductive material. This transfer results in a cleaner and faster cutting process than with any oxy-fuel.

  • This welding cutter can work on dual voltage i.e. 110V and 220V.
  • It has high performance and built-in inverter technology.
  • The operation goes perfect without making noise.
  • It has weatherproof construction that makes it great for rugged use.
  • You might be missing information on how to install the whole power plug so you have to check some tutorials on that.
  • It does not have a pilot arc.
  • The cord is six foot which is not enough for high mobility.


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