Best Goplus Plasma Cutter Reviews – Top Rated

If you are thinking that an expensive plasma cutter can give you its best output then you are totally wrong because it is not necessary that the better performance relies on the high price of the product.

There are many affordable cutters that provide you with a smart and accurate performance than expensive unit.

Now you would be thinking that how is it possible? Here we are to tell you about the best and reasonable plasma cutter in Goplus plasma series.

1. Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter – Best For Money

Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110/220V Dual Voltage Welder Cutting with Free Mask (Yellow)The Goplus Cut50 electric digital plasma cutter is the best plasma cutter with affordable price.

If you want to get plasma cutter for initial level then this goplus Cut50 is a better option than others. It will become a great choice of you for home-based projects.

Here are some features of Goplus Cut50:

This Goplus CUT50 is constructed with the advanced inverter technology and you will find a lot of power in a small and compact product. You may use it for DIY and household items.

It is small and compact in design but its work efficiency. This light machine is impressive as well in looking and equipped with handles. You can easily carry it wherever you want, no matter how far away it is.

There is an interesting fact about this plasma cutter is that it will not be affected by humidity as high as 80%. You can use it in -10 to +40 degrees of temperature without any risk of damage.

It comes with a regulator, a mounting bracket for holding it and an air-water filter. These things save it from tough environment and save eternal parts from dust and other harmful particles.

In deal:

If you want a deal then you will get many more useful things with this Goplus CUT50, these are:

A cutting gun, face mask which saves your face from any harm, pressure reducing valve, cleaning brush which uses for cleaning the unit and ground cable. It has a 3 feet long power cord. This unit can work with both 110V and 220V, this is a considerable feature of it because most of the plasma cutter take only one. Its maximum amperage is 55A when it uses the power between 50 and 60Hz.

So, we can say it is a complete and well-designed product of Goplus.

  • It is light in weight
  • Has an air compressor
  • Ability of work with both 110V and 220V
  • It has a water proof built
  • You need to buy plug that can support 20A for 110V and 50A for a 220V
  • It does not have any manual for installing
  • Short power cord


2. Goplus Plasma Cutter Cut-50 50A 220V -Electric DC Inverter Air IGBT Cutting Machine

Goplus Plasma Cutter Cut-50 50A 220V Electric DC Inverter Air IGBT Cutting Machine w-Free Mask LCD Display (Plasma Cutter)In goplus series, Goplus plasma cutter Cut50 is one of the best plasma cutters. Without making any story, let us go directly for its specifications, design, features, and everything about it.

First of all, we will discuss its design, let me tell you.

Design and manufacturing technology:

This goplus plasma cutter is built in the world best technology for any cutter, advanced inverter technology.  It is made of heavy-duty iron which is solid material. Due to this material, its body became reliable and strong and that is why you can use it a long time without anybody damage.

If you are thinking about its design then you will be happy after buying this cutter because it is compact in size and lightweight, you can say easy to move. It has a comfortable handle by which you can take it easy and place it wherever you want. It is highly portable.

Uses of this plasma cutter:

This plasma cutter is suitable for a wide range of applications like site work, metal cutting, and metal sheet fabrication, ducting work, light industrial use, automotive repair and maintenance services. This is a perfect product for professional operators, small businesses and DIY users as well.

Cutter efficiency:

This plasma cutter is fitted out with a high-quality plasma torch. This plasma torch is specifically developed to enhance and improve the cutting quality of this cutter. Its continuous current regulation, high cutting speed, and smooth cutting surface make your work more efficiently.

Suitable for:

This plasma cutter is suitable for almost all kind of metal like stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, aluminum, and copper. It is perfect for metal materials machinery. If you go for this plasma cutter it will provide you with a professional finish in cutting. You will experience many advantages of the cutting process by this best plasma cutter.

You will get following things along this plasma cutter:

Cutting torch, Earth clamp, Pressure reducing Valve, welding mask, Brush and Instruction manual

  • It comes with wire and mask
  • Easily portable and compact design
  • The iron body makes it strong
  • Work as energy saver without making a noise
  • It has high cutting speed with continuous current regulation
  • No need of cleaning and maintenance again and again
  • Like every cutter it also has some flaws:
  • You will have to buy a separate plug.