Top 6 Best Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews – Cheap Affordable

Our Lotos plasma cutter reviews below will help you find the right Lotos plasma cutter for you.

There are different brands or technologies which are inventing new cutters for years. All of these brands are working on it and presenting best machines.

From these brands here we are going to discuss the world best company, Lotos technology which are working on it since 2000 and producing lotos plasma cutter amazingly.

Lotos technology introduced inverter technology for designing welding and cutting machines. These machines are working perfectly and giving the best.

Best of this technology:

Now, this inverter technology utilizes the V-MOSFETs along with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to deliver the best product. The most interesting thing about this technology that it has been substantially reduced in size and weight of inverter plasma cutters and welding machines.


You can use these cutters and welders for different fields. As DIY user, you also utilize these machines. If you want to use these machines for industrial use then go ahead and get these.

These machines are useful for repairing automotive and household items, you can use it for maintaining different metal items and cut any kind of surface of metal, no matter it is hard, tough and painted.


These cutters have a non-touch pilot arc which can cut the metal without producing a bunch of slag on you. These machines can easily handle painted, rusted, and rough surfaces with efficiency.

When you will be cutting any metal the tip of the cutter will not touch your metal and provide you better cut than other technologies. These machines can cut a maximum of ½ inches to ¾ inches thick metal easily.

This technology provides you a smooth, clean and beautiful cut. It can cut a wide range of metal materials like stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, brass, copper and other conductive metals. It can cut and weld these materials with minimal heat input and without any distortion of the metal.

In Lotos technology, you will find that many machines are dual voltage but with some machines, you should buy the pigtail separately. For thinner metals, these machines cut fast and fluid.


These all machines are highly portable and compact in size. You can easily move these items from project to project because of their less weight and compact dimensions.

In short, this technology provides you world best plasma cutters and welders. You will never regret after getting these plasma cutters and welders. Here are some Lotos plasma cutters with complete descriptions which help you to find your required machine.

1. Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables – LTP5000 & LTPDC2000D

In Lotos technology, Lotos Plasma Cutter sets for LTP5000D and Brown Color LTPDC2000D are two best plasma cutters that give an efficient performance.

Let discuss some facts about these cutters:


These Lotos plasma cutters are compact in size, portable and easy to move. These are designed by advanced inverter technology, which makes their body strong and perfect for any kind of environment.

These cutters have handled and used non-hazardous compressed air to cut alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

Non-touch Pilot arc:

These plasma cutters have an efficient non-touch pilot arc, can cut painted, rusty surfaces, rough and hard easily. This pilot cuts your metal without touching the tip it.

It gives you better cutting quality and provides longer consumable life.

Clean Cut:

These Lotos cutters provide neat, clean and beautiful cut. These provide maximum rated clean-cut ½’’ thick and severance thickness maximum ¾’’.

Dual Voltage:

These Lotos plasma cutters can work in both 110V and 220V automatically with power 50/60Hz. Because of this ability, you can use it for industry level and as a DIY user.

The MOSFET transistor provides you it best output to cut thin metal and can reach high power output for cutting thick metal as well. These cutters are suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, brass aluminum, etc.

You will find following things with these cutters:

A plasma torch, air hose, ground cable, air regulator and ground clamp.

  • Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter delivers strong cutting performance
  • Useful for continuous cutting on rough surfaces or dirty metal
  • These are based on state-of-the-art MOSFET transistors
  • DIY jobs and light duty small business projects
  • These cutters have great features and powerful design but you should buy a separate pigtail.


2. Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 – Air Plazma Cutter Top Rated


Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter, 1" Clean Cut, 220/240V, Blue

In Lotos technology, there are many cutters which provide the best and neat cut.  You will never regret after getting any Lotos plasma cutter.

If we talk about LTP8000 plasma cutter, it is the best plasma cutter from the Lotos plasma cutters series.

It will provide its best and make it prove that your choice is best and authentic.

Without any delay we are going to discuss the features of this best Lotos Technology LTP8000 plasma cutter:


It is also designed by advanced inverter technology which makes its body strong and powerful, and suitable for any kind of environment, no matter how hard the environment is. It has ability to use non-hazardous compressed air to cut any kind of metal.


It is compact in size and due to less weight, it is easy to move according to your requirements. This plasma cutter has a handle for portability.

How to set it up:

Before using it you can set it within a minute. Its pre-installed NPT 1/4″ industry type D plug and air filter regulator allows you to quick connect to the air compressor by using the stand coupler.

Non-touch Pilot arc:

This non-touch pilot arc can cut every kind of surface of every metal no matter it is rough, painted, and rusty. It cuts these surfaces efficiently and produces minimal slag.


It uses 220V-240V while cutting at 50A input current.

In package:

If you want a deal then you will find different useful items with this plasma cutter like pilot arc cutting arc, 80A power supply, consumables, pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug, ground clamp and air filter regulator, etc.

You will find a manual which guides you completely that how and when you can use this plasma cutter and how to operate it.

Out of all our lotos plasma cutter reviews, this model is probably our favorite.

  • Compact plasma cutter, portable and easy to move
  • It uses non-hazardous compressed air
  • Pilot arc torch cuts rough, painted, and rusty surfaces
  • MOSFET transistor
  • PAPST Advanced German cooling system
  • You will have to clean it time to time


3. Lotos Supreme LTP5500D Plasma Cutter-Best For the Money

Yeah, it is quite true that some plasma cutters are highly expensive and far away from the reach of the people. But this is not true that just an expensive plasma cutter provides accurate and perfect results.

If we just talk about Lotos technology, you will find many cutters of low price with efficient work but here we want to tell you one of the best plasma cutters of Lotos technology.

Do you know what is it?

No? It’s okay, we are here to tell you, it is Lotos Supreme LTP5500D plasma cutter. You can get this best plasma cutter under $500 only. If you are interested to know about the Lotos LTP5000D which is the best plasma cutter for the money. Then you should keep reading!


If you want to know about its design then listen it is designed in latest inverter technology which makes its body suitable for every environment. It has a digital control system. You can control it by digital display and watch how it cuts your metal.


It has a non-touch pilot arc, 55 Amp digital control, power cable, cutting torch and non-HF blowback plasma arc.

Performance and Voltage:

The 55 Amp product can cut ½ inches thick metal with a max severance of 3/4-inch. It has the capacity of dual voltage 110V and 220V. It can cut any kind of surface of your required metal no matter it is tough, rough, hard and painted.


It has 26LBs weight only, so it is declared a lightweight plasma cutter. It has a pick-up handle for carrying it. So, you can say it is portable and easy to move wherever you want.

Due to this feature, you will find it as a great choice of you, if you want a small and smart plasma cutter that should easily be transported from project to project.

Suitable for whom:

It is suitable for beginners also because of its easy setup and simple operation. It performs according to your will and gives you accurate results.


You can use this plasma cutter for household items, as DIY user, as beginner, for small business and repair and maintain automotive.

You can cut any kind of metal like stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, simple steel, mild steel, aluminum and etc.

In short, out of our Lotos plasma cutter reviews, it is the best plasma cutter under $500 with accurate and neat cut and easy to use for everyone.

  • It is highly portable
  • Very light in weight
  • Easy to move
  • Pilot arc having friendly feature
  • Useful for beginners
  • You can easily set it up
  • Like every product this plasma cutter also have some flows:
  • Some people reported that it has a poor customer service
  • You need to buy a pigtail
  • You will face additional expense


4. Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-0O8D Lotos LTPDC 2000D Plasma Cutter -Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine

Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-0O8D Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding MachineLotos LTPDC2000D is one of the best TIG welder machines of Lotos series. This is a multipurpose machine makes plasma cut possible.

You can say it is three in one because it has three functions 50A pilot Arc cutter, 200A stick welder and 200A DC TIG welder as well. It is portable and easy to move place to place.

Here are some facts about this product:

Non-touch pilot arc:

The ever best feature of this machine is that it has non-touch pilot arc. Because of this arc, the Lotos LTPDC2000D welder cuts efficiently the difficult areas such as painting, rough, as well as rust surfaces.

Double voltage:

This machine also has a feature of dual voltage. This dual voltage includes dual frequency 110V/220V50/60Hz.


This plasma cutter is designed with three years limited warranty. Three years warranty for any plasma machine is considerable, do you know what does it mean?

It means the producers of this machine are damn sure about the quality of this plasma welder. You can return it under thirty days if you won’t find it as you want.

Customer support:

For the support of the customer, the company provides you the user manual. You can operate this plasma welder according to this manual. On this manual, you will the contact details as well, so that you can contact the company if you will face any hurdle and trouble.


Lotos technology always provides you with the best product from all it sides. If we consider this machine, it can cut ½ inches thick metal easily and provides you clean, neat and beautiful cut.


Another interesting fact about this machine is that this is not difficult to use. You will find a user manual with it which explains everything. Due to these instructions, you will be able to operate this welder easily.

Keep it in your mind that it is not for professional use but you will find its all features and accessories for professional users. DIY users can use the product without difficulties.

  • You can enjoy many advantages of this plasma welder and cutter:
  • You will find it as a multipurpose welding machine.
  • Anyone can use it because it is user friendly
  • The most interesting feature of this machine, it has three years warranty
  • Some users complain that customer service is not efficient
  • Not able to cut up to ½ inch.
  • You need to buy a spool gun.
  • You cannot mount this machine due to the gas hose connection
  • Starts difficulty
  • You should spend some money for buying a separate pigtail


5. Lotos Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter

Lotos Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG/Stick Welder, Dual Voltage 220V/110VLike others, if you want to get an item which will provide you all services according to your will then you should not worry that you ought to buy separate products. Because here is one exciting thing for you, Lotos Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1.

Here we will discuss all of its features:

Three in One:

This is the best Lotos plasma cutting machine which provides you three kind of services according to your requirements.

This Lotos plasma cutter tig stick welder has two more features 50 Amp air plasma cutter and 200A TIG/Stick welder.

These three features make it three in one welder machine. This machine provides you three different services in one box.

Cutting performance:

The first thing comes in the mind while considering any plasma machine that it’s cutting performance. If you are thinking these three in one plasma machine then we would like to tell you that it can cut the maximum 1/2″ thick any plasma matter.

Here we will tell you about some facts about these three features:

  • Air Plasma Cutter:

This machine has the feature of 50 Amp air plasma cutter with high speed and perfect cut. This plasma cutter is suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials.

  • TIG welder:

TIG welder works on 220V and can weld every kind of metal easily.

  • DC Stick/MMA:

It uses 10-200 A @ 220 V & 10-150 A @ 110 V.

Dual Voltage:

It has automatic dual voltage and dual frequency ability. It uses both 110V and 220V with dual-frequency 50/60Hz. So, this dual voltage ability allows this plasma machine to directly work with the pigtail.

You will get the following things in this package:

A power supply, air filter and regulator, tig torch, stick/MMA welder torch, cutting torch, ground clamp, argon regulator and its connection etc.

  • Three in one machine
  • Thirty days return policy
  • One year guarantee
  • You need to buy a pigtail separate


6. Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter Portable & Easy Quick Setup Metal Cutter

Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 2/5 Inch Clean Cut, 110V/120V Input with Pre Installed NPT Quick Connector, Portable & Easy Quick Setup Metal CutterAs you know that the world is progressing at a fast pace, and if we think about the technology then we can say technology is running fast and inventing new and advanced products at any step.

You will feel this point at every step of your life whenever you will go for buying any tech-related product.

Same in the case of plasma cutter invention you will find if you are interested in plasma cutter.

But you ought not to worry now because here the best thing which can solve your metal related all problems, no matter you are a DIY user.

Yes, we are discussing Lotos LT3500 plasma cutter the best plasma cutter available in market.

Here are some facts about this plasma cutter:

Cutting ability:

You can cut ⅖ inches (10mm) of thick metal easily. It can cut every kind of metal material like stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, etc.

If you are a DIY-user and want to use it for light cutting projects like repairing household items then it is an extremely good choice.


This LT3500 plasma cutter is highly portable because it has lightweight, only 18lbs. You can easily move it at your home wherever you want to set it.

Setup and Voltage:

The pre-installed NPT 1/4” industry type D plug helps you to quickly connect almost within a minute to air compressor by using the stand coupler. It uses 110V which allows it easily connects to your existing 110v wall outlet.

Package included:

In this package you will find a power supply, Pre-installed NPT 1/4” industry type D plug, cutting torch, consumables, ground clamp, Air filter regulator etc. all these items are essential for this cutter.

Out of today’s Lotos plasma cutter reviews, this one is the best for tradesmen on the go, or people who need a portable and light-weight plasma cutter.

  • It has quick-connect compressor joints
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is easy to move and highly portable
  • You can set it up and use easily
  • It uses non-toxic air
  • It has the ability to cut several types of metal
  • You need to buy non-arcing tip which is required for contact
  • It is not suitable for commercial projects
  • It uses consumables very fast
  • It cannot cut rusty or painted metal